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  1. Since the release of EoC I've been trying out some of the older content in the game My first trip to the barrows was a bit of a hit and miss, almost dying twice. I've since gone through 30 odd times and more or less got a rhythm going, and as such thought I'd put up a bit of a guide for it. Below is my inventory and gear setup. Pretty basic, you can swap and change as you like, but basically you will need: - mage gear (Ahrim's/Akrisae's/Gano) - A weapon for each class, I have Polypore staff for mage, Maul for melee and Crystal Bow for range - Any shield if you want to use the rejuvenate ultimate - Some prayer potions, should only need if you get a tough brother in the tunnels - Food, for eating lol - Runes, I'm using fire surge - A way to get there (Drakkan's medallion is the best) Each of the Brothers has his own specific weakness as below: Darrock - Magic (fire) verac - Magic (earth) Torag - Magic (water) Guthan - Magic (air) Akrisae - Ranged (bolts) ahrim - Ranged (arrows) karil - Melee (stab) I've setup my action bars as below: Melee (for Karil) Ranged (for Ahrim) Magic (for Dharok, Verac, Torag and Guthan) Hybrid (for Akrisae) The hybrid bar allows switching attack styles without switching action bars, I've found the most effective way to kill Akrisae is to use basic abilities from magic and ranged to build adrenaline, and then unleash the incendry shot ultimate to finish him off. Tips: All 3 attack styles has 3 sec cooldown bread and butter ability (Wrack for mage, Slice for melee and Piercing shot for range), to build adrenaline quickly use these abilities in-between other basics (Example: Wrack>Dragonbreath>Wrack>Combust>Wrack>Chains etc..) this will give you access to stronger threshold abilities more quickly. On the weaker brothers torag, guthan, karil and ahrim save your adrenaline to use rejuvenate after the fight. The creatures in the tunnels are all weak to Magic, however melee is almost as effective on them. For the most part the barrows is much like it was before, however it does pay much more attention to the combat triangle. I've attached a video of a quick barrows run to show this strategy in action. http://youtu.be/_NwCzaWbwbA
  2. I'm yet to try, however since they are weak to crush; I assume Goliath gloves+DFS would also be a good weapon choice.
  3. Frost Dragons Guthans Guide. Im making this guide for people who want to hunt frost dragons that have low prayer/summoning levels and as such cant use superior healing methods such as Soul Split or Unicorn familiar Reccomended Levels: -- High Melee Stats (the Higher the better :) ) -- 85 Herblore (Super Antifire) -- 67 Summoning (Tortoise) -- 40 Prayer (Protect from Missiles, higher is obviously better) -- 85 Dungeoneering Below is the recommended setup: Head: Guthans Helm Neck: Fury > Glory Cape: Soul Wars > Best available cape with +Prayer Weapon: Rapier > CLS > Korasai Sword > Zam Spear Off Hand: Dragon Defender > DFS > Anti Fire Chest: Guthans Plate Legs: Guthans Chain Skirt Feet: Steadfast Boots > Dragon Boots Gloves: Goliath Gloves > RFD 10 Ring: Archer's ring (i) > Onyx ring (i) > Ring of Wealth > Ring of life Aura: Reverence (highest Avail) Inventory: 2-3 Overloads or1 Extreme/Super Attack and Strength 2 Prayer Renewals 2-3 (Super) Prayer restores (more if using Piety) 2-3 Super Anti Fire (regular antifire wont work since Guthans spear is 2 handed) 2-3 Rocktail/Sharks etc (As emergency food) Best Beast of Burdon pouch you can use (Elite) Enhanced Excalibur Guthans Spear Getting there: In case youve only just levelled 85 Dungeoneering and need to find your way to the dragons lair Quickest: Fairy Ring tele to Mud Skipper Point (ALQ) and run up to the ice Dungeon Others: Teleport to Rimmington House portal or use explorers ring (cabbage port) and run down Fighting Them: Now for the fun part :) frost dragons, like all dragons are weakest to Stab attacks, as such you should ensure your weapon is set to stab. Frost Dragons hit with all 3 Attack styles as well as dragon fire, however will only use either Magic or Range for the entire fight (i.e the same dragon wont use both magic and range) Before Attacking the dragon, ensure you have taken a sip of your anti fire potion and turn on protect from Magic. The reason for this is the frost dragons magic attack is much more accurate than their ranged attack, this is especially the case due to Guthans high ranged defence and negative magic defence bonuses. Watch the dragons attacks; if it attacks with magic, you will see a blue spell like a water bolt.. Range looks like an ice arrow (easy to spot the difference). If it attacks with ranged you can switch to protect from missiles, however remember to switch back to protect from magic before the next dragon. During the fight the dragon will also summon a blue ball of light that spins around it, when this happens quickly stop attacking and step out of melee range. Any damage that you would have done while the orb is active will reflect 100% back to you. During the fight if your health gets down to ~50-60% then its time to heal. Due to the unreliable nature of Guthans special effect, its not advisable to let your HP get any lower. Simply switch weapons to Guthans Spear and ensure it is on Stab style and let yourself heal up. Hint: if using a chaotic rapier, the accurate (attack xp) style is in the same spot as the stab style on Guthans Spear, allowing you to switch weapons without having to change attack style. Once your inventory is getting close to full summon your Beast of Burdon and load it up with Frost Dragon Bones (note you can individually store bones by using them on your familiar, even while in combat). Other than Charms and the very occasional Effigy or Visage drop, most of the frost dragons drops arent worth picking up as they arent worth as much as the bones, its up to you if you want to pick up any of the noted drops however in most cases youd need to get several drops to exceed the value of a bone. Have fun making heaps of money / Gaining those prayer levels :)
  4. Yeah cooking and fletching were my first 2 99s as they tend to be for a lot of people lol. I'm going for the 4 combat stats (attack, strength hits and defence) 99s now. doing it on controlled so i can get strength without having to use a different weapon lol.
  5. Yeah a lot of that stuff (the dhide, rune large/warhammer etc) are only ever used on clues (stupid double agents lol) so they just go in the "random stuff" tab lol. Tab 8 is just summoning stuff, not skilling.
  6. just an up to date stats and bank pic as of today: Stats: [hide=Bank Tab 1 (Random Stuff, that doesn't fit anywhere else)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 2 (Pots and herbs)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 3 (Farming)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 4 (Armour/Weapons)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 5 (Runes and Magic Equip)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 6 (Arrows/bolts and ranging equip)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 7 (Jewelery and Teleportation Items)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 8 (Summoning Charms and Pouches)][/hide] [hide=Bank Tab 9 (Tools)][/hide]
  7. Woot, finally hit the 2k total mark :) and got 125 combat at the same time \
  8. When I was killing rock lobsters down there, i usually just switched servers a couple of times until i found someone killing dagganoths in the first room. usually only took a couple of switches.
  9. I don't really play a lot anymore, but when I'm on it's usually either 112, 99 or 92.
  10. I had a dream once I was driving my car too fast around a tight corner, with a big drop to the side with water at the bottom. My car skidded off the cliff and fell with me in it, and as I hit the water I felt myself jerk in bed.. Then I was back to driving on the road again, approaching the same corner too fast again, and went over again.. Same thing, jerked when i hit the bottom. This happened about 5 times before I actually fully woke up.
  11. good to see another aussie with an aussie car, not one of these stupid machines they call 'fords' Wait.. Fords are cars? Wow, i guess thats why the trash man never emptys it when i put it out on trash day.. guess i need a new wheelie-bin.
  12. I'll go corvette, since my car has a chevy engine and running gear (HSV ftw!) :thumbsup:
  13. My room is actually pretty tidy for once other than my bed isn't made. [hide=]My Computer desk: Wardrobe and dvd collections: TV: [/hide]
  14. http://www.google.com.au/firefox?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official Good old Google, loads fast and is useful I use my links toolbar for any sites i use commonly:
  15. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... =Thekuniva That's my character on WoW, level 70 and I am kinda bored of it lol. I'm kinda bored of RS too though, so looks like i might be hunting for a new game lol.
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