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  1. RichieMcD


    Assuming you're playing close to scratch then if you're playing national level. I'm currently playing off 18, can hit the ball long for a high handicapper but problem is keeping it straight. I play links which doesn't help, when I play parkland I can normally play to 11-12 which is pretty irritating. Want to get down to low teens by the end of next year.
  2. Muscle milk is a protein supplement. Those 6 pounds aren't most likely all fat, but they also aren't pure muscle, the only way to control that is through strict dieting and a good workout. The easiest way to put on muscle is to "bulk", the vast majority of bulks will lead to fat being put on but also a significant amount of muscle. After the bulk is done then you "cut", basically just watch what you eat while ensuring you still receive enough protein and other macros required.
  3. http://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/finder/lookup/filter/muscle/id/7/muscle/quadriceps Go to the filter on the left side, deselect all equipment except dumbbells and then you'll find 7 good exercises with video tutorials on how to do them correctly.
  4. Anyway to start the thread off, I started a bulk last week and started hitting the gym last week for the first time in 6 months. Was out for the last 6 months with illness so I'm starting from scratch at 165Ibs, put on 2 Ibs already since last week, noob gains FTW. Hoping to bulk to about 195-200 by Easter and then cut to around 10% BF. Want to increase my lifts by about half their current figures which shouldn't be to hard as they're aweful right now.
  5. Well, I know there's 2 threads currently going around right now of the "ask me" type which is helpful, but if the OP is away from the comp for a long time there not as helpful. So if people want to, I say we get an official weightlifting thread going here, where everyone can ask questions on anything relating to bodybuilding, power-lifting or just weightlifting as a hobby. Use as a mini-blog maybe, post your plans here, diet, what you're doing etc. Can give eachother support and advice etc. If you guys are against it let me know, we can just let it die then.
  6. Leave the guy alone, let him prove himself before asking what makes him better than the rest of the posters here. Looking good man, what you weighing in at and what's your lifts? Nice traps.
  7. Google translate is horribly flawed. 6/10 for 100 Combat, well done.
  8. I would give you 10/10, but you never write, never call, never PM, it really makes me sad. So 0 for you.
  9. Problem with video technology in Football is in scenarios like yesterday the game continues on unlike in many others. Take Rugby for an example, when the TMO (Televised match official) is called into use it's when a try is in dispute, when a try is in dispute there is a never a continue in play as there's always a pause after, whether it's down, held up, knocked on or gone into touch or not there's a pause in play. In sports like American football where a play might be disputed such as a fumble there's a pause in play after the play to check. The problem with football is there's to many hypothetical situations. Say if the first pause in play after England's 2nd goal yesterday was a German goal from a quick counter-attack what is the ruling on it? The German goal is disallowed and English goal is granted because it happened first? When is the replay viewed to be contested? Ref can't stop the middle of play, it would breakdown all flow. The only way I see it working is if the team contesting it puts the ball out of play Ie in yesterdays case if an English player put the ball straight out of play after Lampards shot once they got possession and then contested it with the Ref. No offense to the English supports, but even if the 2nd goal was granted I still don't see the English ever winning that much. The English defenders handed 3 piss easy goals to the Germans and England lost due to a terrible performance, not a ruled out goal.
  10. Some simple advice I'll offer to anyone new to drinking. 1) If possible avoid mixing, I can handle 10 pints fine, but 6 pints and a knaggin of spirts (adds up to 10 pints total) will mess me up big time. Try to stick to one specific style of drink throughout the night, if you're body is used to absorbing say 5% drinks and all of a sudden it gets hit with a large amount of 40%, it's going to break that down fast as it's still used to the 5%. 2) You're new to drinking, don't try to out drink / match those who have been drinking for years, you'll more than likely make a fool of yourself since you can't handle your drink, they can. Start off small and don't fall into the drunk trap where it's always "I feel ok, I'll have one more". Happened to me plenty of times, usually ends with a hangover and some embarrassing story. Start small, maybe 3-4 beers a night and go up 1 every 2 weeks maybe until you've found your limit. 3) Try to drink on a full stomach, this will slow down the rate alcohol is metabolized meaning you don't get drunk very quickly and you'll also have to pace yourself, if you start downing drinks on a full stomach, both the drink and food is more than likely coming back up. 4) When you get home drink a liter of water, then bring a liter of water up to your room and leave it by your bedside. This will prevent most hangovers but it will also means there's water there if you get the 4ams. Nothing is worse than the 4ams, you wake up, mouth absolutely parched dry and you need a drink, but you're still slightly drunk and not arsed to get out of bed. If you do usually wake up at 4am it's your body looking for water, so it's a good idea to have it there beside you.
  11. Anybody know some good Prog House songs right now? Preferably newly released ones? Really liking these 2 songs right now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6gPJZDhDCo Played it during a set last night, went down great, more mainstream than what I normally like but not a bad track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaUPK4TnkSs Such a sweet summer song.
  12. Suppose I might try and revive my blog, nobody seems to be posting on it though. Just got this, 82 Fishing. Missed 81 pic.
  13. I'm going to assume you guys are illiterate and can't comprehend this topic is about the achievement of 200M Str exp, not his total level or his other skills? If he wanted you to rate his other skills or total level I'm pretty sure this would be titled "1621 Total". 10/10 man, nice to see you play this game how you like to rather than like some people trying to impress there E-friends with high total levels and consistent skill levels.
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