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  1. Banned because all the smilies are wearing santa hats :lol: and these aren't smilies: :thumbdown: :thumbup:
  2. Granted, also, everyone who's posted in this thread gets one. Guess what everyone! Wodfist is buying =D> I wish for a large rubber band, made of soy.
  3. Banned for having a pic from a weird cartoon network show in your signature.
  4. Banned for not using my link to give my school money to make robots to hit each other with pieces of metal inside a plexiglass box. We seriously have a year long class focused on building Battlebots :thumbsup: owned.
  5. The new sword looks great, I made the tip a little longer and sharper. I'm going to fix the scribbles on the hilt now. How does a red handle, red-orange guard, and gray pommel sound? Wouldn't the party hat look better hanging off the "R" runestone the way it was about a week ago?
  6. Wow, the logo's looking really bad. The sword's hilt needs redrawn completely and there are scribbles everywhere. I'll fix the main logo up as much as I can with 78% ink; I won't try to redraw that sword.
  7. Did anyone else notice that the sword's hilt doesn't line up with the tip? -.-
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