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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday! :)

  4. finally got my favorite skillcape :)) and a certain mod decided to drop a grats too :o
  5. lmao! killing yourself infront of all of those people! XD i dont think i could ever pick up my sticks after that one! jk i always love seeing some evo gameplay it shows just how good fighting games are but too bad i still suck at them xD
  6. you have a point i was pretty mad that they charged for content that was already on the game itself but thats just like companies now a days to squeeze every nickel and dime out of its customers... am i still going to buy the game? yes am i going to complain about the price? yes am i going to write a letter and boycott the company? no because theres still a part of me that wants to see megaman :<
  7. i agree with you mostly but it is going to cost 40$ so they cut us some slack atleast..... i think..... did they? lol
  8. But Black Gootecks uses a pad... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOxN35IJcPg Make sure you skip to 0:42 first. never seen there vid series before lol.... still though i dont think i'll ever pitch in 100 bones for fighting sticks :P
  9. i really hope i dont have a girlfriend when this game comes out.... because she may think im cheating on her when in fact i will be.... with my npc wifey :ugeek:
  10. If it wasnt 40$ i problably wouldnt get it since i bought mvc3 and expected atleast spectator mode of all things. I also cant wait for people with 100$ sticks to beat me since i only use the regular controllers lol...
  11. @feldegast no its not gay for a guy to get a tan... but this is coming from a person living in miami. and im pretty shure anyone would know if there 'friends' were being too mean at times enough to not want to be friends with them in the first place. but for example me and my friends do make fun of eachother alot but its all in fun lol.
  12. ^ heres a lesson on adorable son.
  13. havnt posted in a long time so heres a pic of some updated stats and dont forget the epic win in the chatbox :P
  14. Happy birthday :D

  15. that pic was almost as good as the one you posted in the irl pic thread where its me and you <3 ily babe
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