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  1. Does this update not combat inflation, the greatest enemy of the lower class?
  2. I support Ron Paul, but if it comes down to obama or clinton, i'd say obama since clinton is just as neo-con as bush and has inconsistent views. She is a socialist 'i will take things from you for the common good' for big government, and for restriciting civil liberties (she tried to restrict video games! video games are the responsibilities of the parents, not the government!)
  3. wow.. nice ideas, it would reallly make the game livilier. I suggest an incentive to denutralize for the kingdoms at war so that more of the community would take part(maybe a daily wage which is based on the amount of enemies defeated), and let low level skillers contribute by selling they're products (weapons, armor, runes, etc.) to the knights they side with.
  4. Instead of having a player pay for GP, why not intorduce an entirely new currency only usable on members worlds, which can only be obtained from buying using real $$$? As for autoers, Jagex could place multiple permanment invincible guards that can only attack lvl 3-5 players in every mining, woodcutting, fishing etc. location. First they ask simple questions like the ones the Mysterious old man asks you. If you get them right, they would let you do your business, but if you get them wrong, you get attacked. Thus, the autoers are caught up and die, while the non autoers can skill peacefully, if not run away and come back again if they get the questions wrong by mistake.
  5. I hope Jagex will be nice and update f2p since they're already making millions a month
  6. A person who first heard of Runescape way back in 2001 may think it was bad, and quit with a lvl 19 account. If that same person goes back in 2006 and finds it really cool and stuff he may want to be a member. But if his account got deleted, he would change his mind, so it would be another $5 a month oppurtunity gone for Jagex
  7. I cant believe this thread is still alive As the starter of the thread I admit I AM Asian, and note that I used Azn once, and did not use it again execpt for the example above, and Asian is not a race as Arabs,Indians and Chinese are different races though they live in the same continent
  8. The chinese didnt invent the crossbow, they invented the Chu-Ko-Nu, which is a rapid fire form of the crossbow. They were an inefficeint weapon in that they took a long time to reload and were very innacurate. But besides that its a good idea, just brush up on ur history :shame: Check Wikipedia, the Chinese invented the Chu-Ko-Nu AND many scholars believe they developed it way back at 2000BC
  9. We've seen Arab themed, and jungle village ppl themed areas, so why not an East Asian themed area. Maybe there would be guards with halaberds and good crossbows(the Chinese invented the crossbow), and a trasportation similar to carts except they are called rickshaws.
  10. True, the fact that bots are here keeps the prices of commodities low, so I think RS should have a commodities shop where they sell commodeties such as ess at the current market price, so if the bot problem does stop, the price of commodoties won't shoot up.
  11. I think Jagex should make a new F2P bankpage which has UNLIMITED space, but the only things you can put there are holiday and random event awards. It could free up some space in your bank, and you don't have to drop yur holiday items once you dont have space.
  12. Definately. So many multiplayer games have firewall-type things (gunbound and maple story, for example) that prevent people from using programs that affect the game. It might be slightly annoying for that extra loading time that the firewall scans your comp, but it would be good in the long run. But I've been working on my own game, and it's a pain to program those things. It's easier to buy them from companies that use them, but that's not cheap either. They'd also have to program it to keep checking the comp for programs, since some of the real simple ones only check it at the beginning and then people can open bots after. The Gowers are millionares in pounds, btw, whats your lvl in maplestory? I'm a lvl 37 cleric
  13. pl0x, its so random pk, in cantonese thats a rude word for tripping on the street and dying
  14. I met English King more than a year ago and he gave me a i amulet of strength i think, he was a nice guy.
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