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  1. Hello everyone! The name is Acount_great Just two weeks ago I finally got ahold of my old account again after some great assistance from the Jagex-support team. I was a very active F2P player in World 14 mainly from 2003-2006 and also a bit within the PK'ing community. My last guild was Exercitum. I also had alot of "pures", but I can't remember the name of them! :'( I was wondering if there was any other familiar people around here. I'm really hoping to get in contact with the former signature maker "Scarlet Elv" and a player named "Steel_Eater". So there's that. Just chiming in, in hopes of reconnecting with some old friends.
  2. Am i good enough to join? 40 att 69 str (20k to 70) 2 def 1 pray 69 ranged (20k to 70) 56 magic 66 hp (20k to 67)
  3. Hello! I've just recently started playing again, and in the time while i was on a break i formated my computer. So i can't find my old signature =( Do anyone have it? It is made by Scarlet Elv, so if anyone know him\her, tell her\him i'm looking. It was red, with a typical Scarlet Elv character with a santa hat and full rune (G). I think it said "Strength trough Wisdom" or something. ********************** Never mind, I've fixed it =) **********************
  4. I stopped playing around August '06 :) And i was f2p, recently i got back and started playing p2p :) What's up vanilla face? Why so angry? You want me to get mad at you or something? Do you hold a grudge against me? Seriously, i hate skilling, that's just boring. I play for fun and when i have time. So get a life :wink:
  5. I'm lvling slayer using attack until i'm 99 attack and X slayer Then I will train at pc, using defence and spending points on str. And I'll also train slayer trough ranging\maging and the restoring melee xp needed for 123 combat. :)
  6. Hello to yarrr :D I am Acount Great. Some might recognize me on TIF. I just want to show off my bank, my stats and my goals :) Rate,date or hate idc Bank Stats Goals Those are my main goals at the moment, but when i'm bored of them i swap to anything else that looks fun :) :ohnoes:
  7. Rare: Santa Cape: None (but 97 att and increasing).
  8. Never get prayer on an f2p pure. I had a lvl 56 with 31 pray and 72 str, it was junk. I therefore started a new pure, wich i will never get defence or prayer on, EVER!
  9. Really nothing special for a member, so much easier ways in it. Also kinda stupid blocking out all of your skills exept your fishing and cooking, we don't have to much to rate.
  10. I've heard of an bug, or maybe it isn't, that lets you fight experiments without getting the reward, something with not completing it or something. I myself enjoy fighting monsters with magic based attacks, since i always have high enough range to wear dhides on my pures. Just wear ur best magic equipment.
  11. Type of sig: like this one http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/7615 ... ni37cc.png Colours: Pink, white and creamy. Render: Border: Black. Name: Acount Great Tagline: Proud Member of AoH Font: http://www.dafont.com/actionjackson.font Animation: Just make the txt switch between name and tagline.
  12. 1) If i ever get members i would be so much behind. I have to do quests worth over 150qps. I have to raise lots of skills, learn how stuff works e.g like pots\praying and sh*t. 2) only when i was low lvl (50 and below). But I learnt that f2p can be fun. 3) If ever, never. :!:
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