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  1. you seem to be quite amazing at obtaining massive amounts of cash. It would be fun to see you buy 2.1 bil items then get 2.1bil coins again showing that you have achieved 2.1 bil gp twice doubling your net worth.
  2. woo yeah he got 99 fishing! Awesome achievement and skill cape. Just a wee bit curious though. what's next?
  3. was crunching numbers for the little goal we were talking about for me and it is pricey, but i think i can find a way :XD:
  4. Just a few words before you finally achieve your ultimate goal. You have definitely shown true commitment in achieving 99 fishing. You were unique to the runescape community and leveled a skill to the max, not because you wanted the 99, but for sheer enjoyment. You have shown that you don't have to no life to achieve your goals but that you can play to enjoy the game and still do great things. Boy power I'm glad to see you get the 99 fishing you have gone after for so long and come through at the end. I can't wait to see you wearing that cape. [bleep]e
  5. darn wrong forum please move to general disc.
  6. this cape is the most difficult untrimmed cape to obtain maybe even slightly impossible. Now we might start to see them more than on the slayer master himself. With the release of summoning arising and the skill being combat based we now may have a very large chance of seeing level 99 slayers with no other skill capes. I think it would be rather interesting to see who will accomplish such a feat.
  7. yeah boy power i finished swan song so i can go see you now! Haha thanks for making me do it
  8. wow i must say im surprised and not at the same time to see you retire from runescape. It will be odd seeing you not signed on on the rare occasions that i do get on, thus the reason i understand you quitting. Wish you the best of luck in your senior year.
  9. runecrafting....ugh...has to be the most tedious skill for me although i havnt tried the new alter yet so maybe that will change it for me but still abyss is not to entertaining
  10. Hey BP nice to see you're still going for 99 fishing. You know you have determination to have been going at it for as long as you have. I still can't wait for you to achieve the 99 and I will be there when you do. I hope i get the urge to play again and get my fishing to 99 but not sure how thats going to go. Good job with your accomplishments and good luck my friend.
  11. buy about 1.5mil p ess and get 99 runecrafting then use the rest of the cash to buy supplies to make yew longs and get 99 fletching thenalch them all and get 99 mage. I would be very proud of my self cause i would have even more cash then before !!!
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