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  1. Will Individualized Shop Stocks be removed as they were before?
  2. I'm sorry, but I haven't been on RS in a while. I think the specific world thing is a nice touch but what the heck does LootShare mean? I assume it has to do with bosses like KQ right?
  3. ^ Smooth putting a Harry Potter spoiler at the end of your post. -.- Lucky I already read it.
  4. I used to steal lots of silk then later sell it back to the guy.
  5. neolink458


    No, the Mage Training Area is a bad place to train mage. :roll: Seriously though, I think the enchantment room is a good way to get xp.
  6. Didn't your other topic of the exact same thing get locked ?>_>
  7. I have had a Rubik's Cube for about 2 years now and I still can't solve it. Most I got was 2 sides done :wall: Maybe someday... :pray:
  8. Isn't there like a formula for repairing barrows in your POH deeding on your smithing? If someone can post it I would be happy.
  9. I thing the best way at low lvs is to make Oak larders.
  10. They can be found south of the bank in Zanzaris. They are only lv 68 I think and drop some runes. Their examine describes them perfectly: "An invisible man, or just a floating set of clothes?" Also, you could've just used the Tip.it bestiary.
  11. I don't really like BTS. Whenever they say coming updates people have very high expectations and when they come out, they just complain.
  12. I'm only missing skill cape and zombie walk.
  13. LOL! I'm sorry I just had to laugh but full camo should never be worth 1M gp. You'll definitely be reported for item scamming. Don't do it! It's not difficult making 1M gp if you know what you're doing. Um, you can't even sell random event clothing... :P Full camo used to be worth 1M when it first came out. I sold mine for 220k. The random event camo isn't tradable, as you quoted, so how could you have sold it for any amount of money :?:
  14. My best drop was a Torag Helm from Barrows. It was my first (and only so far) Barrows drop. Second best was crystal key half.
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