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  1. Hey if you see DJPanic posting here, that's also me, I thought I'd use that name since I like it so much.
  2. I hasd a pet tree shade in Draynor, it was suppose to attack me but got stuck behind a tree :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Over 67% of forest fires are set of by humans, I set of one of them, here is the proof: P.S. I did set up set fire by making a 10 second plan.
  4. I'm not changing it, I'm just posting more skills as I get closer to finishing one skill.
  5. Any more posts or comments???? P.S. Guess the song at the end of my first post to win 1k!
  6. Lol! Headless chicken. Can you help with the pictures like you have in the post before this one, I need to know how to upload them onto my posts. Can you help me? P.S. I Hope people don't think that when I try to find a spot fish in. :-w
  7. Yah, I now know I'm really gonna need it for all skill except woodcutting and mining(There in the 50's!). P.S. Anyone know where alot of oaks are :XD:
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