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  1. Do you view the RuneScape official forums as an area where the common player can have a nice, open discussion with thousands of other players, along with the occasional input from a moderator or Jagex mod? Or, Do you look at it as a pit full of illiterate, immature, young children who can't find their way around a cardboard box, let alone RuneScape? Or perhaps you view the RSOF as something else entirely? I'd like to hear all of your opinions, good or bad. In my own opinion, I believe the RSOF has always had good intentions, but over time its became something so controlled by many new rules, wannabe moderators, and English-challenged children, that it's just difficult to have a really good discussion about a certain topic without upsetting somebody(Not to mention, tons of accidental filter screw-ups can destroy a decent post). But my main quarrel with the RSOF is the wannabe moderators. You know, the kids who have no power moreso than you and I, yet talk down to us on each and every one of our threads and posts. Yes, them. There seem to be more of them on the RSOF than players nowadays, and quite frankly, that's the main reason why you see me here on Tipit, rather than there on the RSOF. Now, about those children. RuneScape has always been a game that has appealed to the younger aged (13-) crowd, I'm sure we're all well aware we technically need to be 13 to play Runescape. But c'mon, if somebody sees a warning that says they need to be 13, and they ACTUALLY STOP their intentions, just because of that warning. Well, I pity the person who would do that, since it means they'll probably do or believe just about anything that anybody says to them. So really, I can't blame the 8-12 year olds making accounts on RuneScape from miniclip or whatever, and managing to lie about their age when making an account. The problem is their inability to type properly, stay on topic, or even READ what the original poster says, examples are below: Enough said. /Discuss.
  2. Could you replace my indexed picture with this one? Thanks in advance.
  3. Here is me, Axeraider194: Sublime FTW :) Index?
  4. Taken from the tech support sticky on the rsof, 11/11/07: Me, as well as numerous other players, got hit with the malicious popup upon visiting the Runescape home page, it got past my norton antivirus, and spybot search and destroy didnt pick it up, so I ran another one of my antivirus tools, and it picked it up and deleted it (it was a trojan). Something along these lines happened to me about two years ago as well, along with some other people. I got a weird virus that showed up as a picture of a dog's face on the toolbar, and I kept getting hit with pop ups every hour or so, as well as the homepage being changed to some "adult" material..and it may have been from rs, because there were multiple topics about that in the tech forum back then as well. But it was staggering how many people didn't believe it on the rsof when people were making topics about it, it was filled with posts such as "RS is 100% safe! You CANNOT get any viruses from rs!", as well as forum mods who didn't belive the situation and kept locking posts and topics because it simply "is not possible". Well, as you can see, they have been proven wrong. Never let your guard down :P
  5. I don't see how walking to varrock to buy something is any different than going to falador park to buy something. In short, prices won't change at all.
  6. It most certainly would, at least, a hell of a lot more than what the money sink in world 2 and the forums are (0gp) Get every single piece of barrow armor, barrow weapons, dragon armor, dragon weapons, rune armor, rune weapons, Third age armor, dragonhide, staffs, robes, etc. That's a lot of high alch value in each of those pieces, which=more deposit money. Now, think of most players in runescape doing that.
  7. When it comes to phats and other rares, that's an awful lot of deposit money.
  8. Party hats have an extremely low (if any) high alchemy value, as with all rares.
  9. NOTE: There is no information or proof that this is real, or that Jagex will implement it into the update, it is just a possibility. __________________ One word: DEPOSITS. If Jagex takes a % of the items value (gauged by high alch value perhaps?) you are selling it for (say, 1% of the value) when the object fails to sell in the auction house, it can be a neverending money sink. It'll prevent people from selling tons and tons of items for rediculous prices, since they are getting charged a small amount of gp if the object fails to sell (The deposit is put in before the item goes up for sale, if the object sells, you get the deposit back, if it doesn't, you lose the deposit) For example, if I put a fire battlestaff up for sale in the bank (High alch value--9300), in order to put it up for sale, I will need to pay a deposit fee (93gp). If the object sells, I get what the buyer paid for, plus my 93gp deposit back. If it fails to sell at my price, the game keeps my deposit of 93gp. Yes, it's a lot like in World of Warcraft. Something like this can really control the gp/inflation problem, slowly but surely, it's a neverending money sink that although it's only a few gp from each person from every item they sell, it adds up to large amounts over time. Thoughts? Opinions?
  10. Do you have proof for this or is it just another made-up statistic? Runemonkey.net Tracks the xp of the players who register, you can view daily xp rates of certain people.
  11. Actually, loads of people do brews to 99, brews+range pots are the best herb xp. Some people get 800k xp+ a day doin brews for herblore
  12. Because a saradomin brew is directly tied to a blue phat right?
  13. Take a look at all the toadflax grown every day, then take a look at the number of nests brought into runescape every day. The ways to get nests are very limited: -Kingdom managing (Less than 10 nests per day with maples at full, correct me if i'm wrong) -The random event while chopping trees. -Going through the hassle of killing the giant mole under falador park. (1-4 possible nests per kill once hides/claws are traded in, however, after all the chasing, a mole kill can take 5+ minutes to do) Now, my main worry here is that I train on aberrant spectres for combat xp, and from 83-86 defense, i've accumulated over 200 toadflax seeds, which is approx. 1,000+ toadflax, which equals 1,000 saradomin brews, provided I have the nests. If I try to max at aberrants for all 3 combat stats (plus hp), I could be left with over 5k seeds, which means 25,000+ toadflax, or 25,000 brews. How are the number of nests supposed to keep up with the number of toadflax people plant every day? My personal opinion is that Jagex should make a quest, or an area, with possibly a big tree that has nest spawn points at the bottom of it (without seeds, rings, or eggs, just empty nests) And before you say that easy ways to get nests would destroy potion prices or whatever, then think about this: -Snape grasses are easy to get, yet prayer pots cost 7k+ -Red spider eggs are easy to get, yet super restores cost 9k+ -Same goes with just about any other potion. Let me know what you guys think about the current bird nest situation.
  14. Blogscape. It's like Lightning, but without spammers, elitists, and (with all due respect) trigger-happy moderators.
  15. Added some more reasons, thanks for the input guys i've read every one of your posts.
  16. This topic is to discuss the reasons why outside forums (tipit, rs community, runehq, etc) are better than the official runescape boards. The list is made up of mostly reasons by the posters, so if you feel something needs to be added, just post it. I was originally going to give credit to each person but it's too much of a hassle with multiple people saying the same things. Reasons: -Open to everybody, F2P or P2P -No account action taken against you in game. -Topics don't get bumped off the 50th page in the same day. -More intelligent discussions and topics. -Less spam. -You dont need to write out your login and password EVERY time. -You dont get logged out for inactivity. -A censor to a lesser extent. -No (or little) wannabe mods compared to rsb. -You can actually post pictures. -You can have sigs. -You can have avatars. -You can discuss irl. -You can discuss other games. -You can bash Jagex's rules and staff. -You can link websites. -You can post youtube videos. -You can use colored chat effects. -Drop down/hidden logs. -You can actually post your pk pics. (Jagex's pk forum is a joke, you can SAY what you pk'd, but you have NO PROOF to back it up, or else you get banned) -You can make topics like this.
  17. I've been a long time rs player since 2002, and i've noticed that over the years, people are finding more and more ways to try to cut down getting free xp, and turn it into paying for xp instead. Fletching is a prime example of this. Not less than a year ago, you could buy 1k strings, 1k yew logs, make them into bows, and then sell for a 100-150k profit. Now, you can sell your bows for a 50k profit if lucky, and the profit margin just keeps on narrowing as time goes on. Other examples of whats mentioned above are: -Cooking (Sharks, lobs, monks etc) -Herblore -Crafting -Rcing (pure ess at 100 ea, nats at 300 ea, leaves 200gp profit, it can only get lower) -Smithing -Ranging (Bone bolts being the exception, thank god) -Magic -Farming (Ranarr seeds, snap seeds, watermelon+sweetcorn seeds..) And yet when an option comes out to train these skills, in a good way, for free (bone bolts, yak hide shop "bug") everybody becomes angry, and thinks that it MUST be changed, just because it doesn't require money (or much money) to train. Your opinions?
  18. There is a certain skiller irc channel where you can type !today zezima and see his xp he got today. He really isn't as hardcore/obsessive as people think. Usually he averages 300-600k fletching xp a day lately, which is only a couple k bows.
  19. If you saw 6 people it was probably because a full boat was out at sea
  20. The xp is pretty poor, but the results are nice.
  21. Today, I decided to take a break from fishing to 99 at shilo, and try out the trawler for fun on the official world, W116. At first, seeing only ~900 people on the world at the time, I was a bit skeptical as to how many people would actually be there. Boy was I surprised. I arrived there only to find more people than most heavy pc worlds, and insane trips. There is ALWAYS a full boat out at any given time. Each 12 minutes on the trawler catches anywhere from 650-1,200 fish per trip on average, and this is what I got today, at 91 fishing, in only twelve minutes: I did it for five more trips, and every time the reward was about the same, a mix of turtle and manta, about 20-25 in total. No other bs fish. After about 40 minutes of Trawler: Seeing as how I can fish a load of shark in about the same amount of time it took me to do this, i'd take mantas over shark anyday. Not bad for 12 minutes of clicking a bailing bucket, I reccommend this for everybody.
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