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  1. 'IVPex' bring it on themselves lately with these 'updates' lacking any real content and being crammed full of RWT 'content' that no-one really cares for. Yup. The primary focus of almost all of their updates now is how they can incorporate more RWT-based crap in the game. There is VERY little actual content being released any more. I also think that because of the precedent Jagex set of releasing their best high-level content in the Summer, many people are feeling disappointed and let down by the lack of useful updates.
  2. Sub + micro-transactions is the way of the future. There are very few truly subscription-based games left anymore because companies realize that by selling in-game benefits to people who are after immediate gratification, they can make boatloads more money. Runecoins are undoubtedly to become Jagex's version of "<company name> points," an in-house currency only redeemable for game benefits. Right now, it's just cosmetic gear but mark my words, this is the beginning of a full micro-transactions model.
  3. Thats how I've always pronounced it. Although Karamja. I always pronounced as Karajama lol I pronounce it as Karajama too lol. Are - dug - knee and Karajama.
  4. What?!? why Jagex why? Indeed. Simply put, there's no reason for this. It doesn't make any kind of sense. Unless... "Once fully degrded, the slayer helmet no longer provides any bonus. To recharge it, you must find a slayer master and trade in 500 slayer points. But if you don't quite have that many, don't fret because we've added a brand-new Recharge Token to uncommon slots on the Squeal of Fortune! And because we care so much about the players, we'll do even better than that: for the next week, Recharge Tokens will instead occupy the common slots. Happy gaming! -JaGeX."
  5. I got myself this =d: I can't even tell what most of that is. :| Since I quit playing, it seems like they did an 'update' that drastically reduced the quality of item pictures. :(
  6. Just add consumables to stores for free and make it impossible to trade with other players in Beta + institute the "nothing over 3k shows up if dropped" rule outside the Wilderness. That'd put an end to the ridiculous gambling.
  7. Her Miltank is fast and very bulky, and for something you'll fight in the third gym, very powerful. Stomp and attract can pretty much prevent you from attacking at all due to the computer's shameless cheating, and rollout picks up power very quickly since you probably can't kill it quickly enough to stop it (due to the previously mentioned bulk). There's really only one pokemon at that point that resists rollout (And many, many things that are weak to it, especially things you'll want to be using), and if you're playing the remakes, you can't wall her with a ghost due to Scrappy. Worst of all, it can heal with milk drink once you finally get close to killing it. Really, your best hope is using geodude/graveler or spamming accuracy-lowering attacks. Tl;dr: Lightning bruiser with healing abilities. You won't be ready. Definitely a wake-up call boss. I doubt that very many people who weren't forewarned about it won against her on their first try. In fact, I'd rate that fight as probably the second-toughest fight in the whole game. The only one more difficult at the time you can first do it is Red, and that's mostly because his Snorlax cheats.
  8. OMFG no update to the Squeal, it's a goddamn miracle!
  9. Well, once beta converts to live the Ahilt will no longer have much value. In fact, I expect Arma armor to actually go up quite a bit since most people will probably stop doing Arma. There will be no reason to do it, if the other bosses are easier and the hilts are all identical except for aesthetics...
  10. Has anyone tried out TDs in Beta? How much different are they?
  11. I think it's really dumb that you can no longer use OVL without the herb level.
  12. The sad thing is, despite the technological superiority present in D3, RS is still a vastly superior game. Think about that one for a minute :3 Pretty much, they took everything that made D2:LOD awesome and replaced it with dumbed-down features from WoW.
  13. I like this analogy. As someone who recognizes the serious nature of cancer, I don't like the over the top and frankly immature analogies the RuneScape community is prone to making. Why not make a hitler reference while you're at it? "oh man hiding from Jagex's cash shop, now I know how Anne Frank felt." We're going to have to start paying extra for membership to cover Jagex's gas bill I did Nazi that one coming. *runs* Really though, the increasing pervasiveness of the Wheel of Greed is quite concerning. It really makes you wonder if selling GP isn't right around the corner. Also, they missed a GREAT gold sink opportunity with this wheel. If they had made it, say, 50k gp to buy one spin... Quite a few people would have done that. But of course, that wouldn't make Jagex any money.
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