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  1. Grats on stuff. Ely = Elysian Spirit Shield (i.e. hawtest shield in game)
  2. Grats Ben you absolute babe <3 Long time no speak. I'm about 3 weeks from buy an Ely :D
  3. Nice stats! 10/10 I'm currently going for all 70+, just Farming and Summon to go :D Go for 99 Mining :)
  4. Gratz Mike :D Good to see you still playing. I have over 2.5k Cw tix now :D tc.
  5. Gratz Narb :D I remember seeing you in the MTA when you were in the 80's. Glad to see you finally get your goal. 1337
  6. Congratz Grant :D Haven't really ever spoken to you much, but you helped me get torso way back when. Huge accomplishment, and ben is a noob but theres nothing you can do about that so 10/9
  7. Wow :shock: Insane KQ luck. On slayer tasks I find whip + black mask out-damages Veracs too, that said I usually duo the kq as we can get 3-5 kills per trip opposed to 1-2(if you're lucky) solo. But then again soloing certainly helps when expensive drops are involved :lol: Enjoy the free monies :P
  8. WTF? he's not allowed to go on holiday now?!?!?! Not before 70 rcing! Ben! Don't do it mate! It will haunt you for your whole holiday! You will walk out of ur hotel/tent and think o [cabbage] forgot my [bleep]ing glory again! and have to go back inside until you figure out you're playing rl instead of rs. Then you will laugh to yourself and think yourself lucky that no-one else can hear your thoughts. Well I got news for you buddy, they appear in yellow writing above your head. Gf. Have a good holiday.
  9. How's it going? Been on a nice healthy long break from rs, may come back soon lol stress from work starting to build up :o At least I have money now, feels good to be rid of the education system, even if i did fail (well i think i did) all my A-Levels horrifically. Looks like you have been busy (gratz on 99 Mage!) See ya around.
  10. so liek i herd ben was out in his hoody beatin on them nerdy types.
  11. Keep up the ownage. Should see you at CW soon enough. Just bought myself a new laptop 8-) Verrry naise.
  12. I told you... All this alching is bad for your mind. Barrages all the way pls. Gratz on 92, not long now. At least your pots last long enough for more than 1 splash now :XD: Keep it up m8
  13. Good to see you got some more 'Alching' done today :twisted:
  14. 03-01-08 Levels; Got up at 10am today, got straight into slayer again. Going out to a party tonight (2 Peoples 18th in one place ftw!!) so I may not be on much tomorrow :twisted: Was a very productive day today yielding 3 Defence levels and 2 Slayer levels.
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