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  1. well the main mistake u made woz the bunny ears u can only have 1
  2. The new beer random! :shock: lmao irl! You made me spit my gum at my keyboard, and I had a good bubble going there! I can see it now... a bottle of beer pops out of no where and shoots you with beer glasses (a ranged attack) until you kill it, and is a lot stronger then normal randoms (hence the lvl 570). If you die to it, and you blackout then come back in lumby with no stuff and all your stats 1/(whatever they normally are) Seeing as what Jagex is doing to their game these days, it might happen. Haha, let's just hope they don't see that picture and get any ideas... :lol: What are you talking about, I would love that random. *Reads headlines* Macros get beaten by alcholic beverage! or "Beer Appears, Macroers in Trouble!"
  3. guess it would be unbearable less bank space lol
  4. karma= wen u do somethin gd and gd things happen to u also karma= wen u do bad things and bad things happen to u
  5. strange box can't be stacked or banked btw
  6. If your itention is to go into the wild and kill other players, why do you need protection prayers to do that? They wont kill anyone for you, and neither will tele runes. isnt it easier to kill someone when your not dead? yes i suppose it is unless u become a zombie then no (well they undead but u get my point)
  7. would iban blast do any good or is slayer dart any betta?
  8. add me in rs my user name is in my sig i think i'll tell u wen i ready to go EDIT:: soz sig disappeared my rs name is Sworddude198
  9. depends if he has permission don't report if it his bro/sister's acc or if they have permission from a friend coz they don't have the net. Do report if u suspect he has hacked it or found out the pass without his m8s permission
  10. only if ur username and pass is the same here as it is on runescape
  11. i got mine bak quickly but........... *runs to tip.it hq and kills every1* :twisted: That'll teach you for sloppy security don't worry u respawn at noob lvl 50 (i.e lumby) Oh and Runescape Customer Support rules. I am thier biggest fan now. lol
  12. if u complain about this u r a n33b if u kno wot it means :roll:
  13. dude can u cr8 an awesome unique colour 1 for me plz plz plz
  14. dude can u cr8 an awesome unique colour 1 for me plz plz plz
  15. sounds fun can u make a vid of it pretty plz
  16. sounds fun can u make a vid of it pretty plz
  17. kk well i was at cows for leather and sum lvl 34 calls me a noob (i was lvl 70 at the time). he calls me noob coz i spent money alot and he had like 1144k. lol it only like 5k lobs sellin at 250ea to get more than that. Anyway noob means a weak player OR a high lvl who does nooby stuff i.e. stealin ur ogre wen b4 u get the chance even tho it is attackin u
  18. sweet find in desert wish i could find all that stuff Grr lucky :twisted:
  19. i the kindest person here. I give ppl bak their bones. Or is that just sick :twisted: ? funny anywayz
  20. just fishin lobs for money as usual kinda borin tho
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