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  1. Hey guys. I'm currently having a little problem logging into runescape. Whenever I press play to play the game, the browser redirects to the game window where I am supposed to play. However, the home game bar as well as the scroll bar to the right are greyed out. Does anyone know how to fix this ? Uploaded with ImageShack.us P.S. I already updated Java, so that is not the problem. I just can't see the whole game window because I can't scroll down.
  2. a big ROFL to everyone's posts... yall are comedians. well, today i met a noob which tried to trade me for my necklace (ammy of power). she traded me 270gp and 12 beers. I was like: you got 2500gp to go.(this is now when ammies of power aren't 9k anymore... -.- ) Then i declined. She then said: 1k and 12 beers?? I then continued to make my soft clay.
  3. hmm....none of this stuff has no relation to the original ? ....
  4. I told yall UNC was gonna get to the final 4... \ lol jp but UNC is gonna win, you know that? The Prez said so... :o ROFL
  5. I got Michigan State, Uconn, Pitt, and UNC goin to the final 4 Michigan state badd pick... UNC ALL DA WAY!! The Prez trusts in UNC...
  6. Nice guide, but I think if you gave pictures, it would be better. 7/10
  7. This is the last time i'm bringing this topic up, especially since Obama is now in the white house.
  8. Don't read them. I'll try to get the link for you...
  9. Boxers!!! If I go back to tighty whities, well... I'll just say that the tiny threads in the corners and the band that goes around the waist that used to leave ridges on my skin... I HaTeD that. When I first tried boxers, they felt awkward with the unfilled space. But I have grown to use them(15), and it feels pretty good. P.S. there was this one time when I put em on backwards, and I couldn't find the hole in it when I went to the bathroom...
  10. Got the PS2 @ Target for $129.99 + $30 Gift card So I basically got the ps2 for $100 and I was also able to get NBA 2K9 with it($29.99) for free with gift card.
  11. Personally, I love the Bible. Yall should just believe in that. P.S. Did you hear about the story called The Atheist and the Christian?
  12. Your foam potato becomes a baked potato =inserts gold dollar coin=
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