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  1. Fairly certain the character you're referring to is still banned, he made a new char 'Luke Broz' when Luke was banned and just got the name moved recently however.
  2. Even if that was his estimated wbs exp/hr then construction herb and farming would also be listed at 2.4M?
  3. Just curious the rational on 2.4M for mining and smithing per hour?
  4. Speaking of which, what happened to dapledo? I don't know what he changed his name to or if he unsubscribed at the point where ftp were taken off the hiscores He's rank 30 now, still under the name Dapledo I'm guessing you're using Indy's Highscores which has cached stats of some players, hes actually not on the real highscores but would be rank 37 if he still were.
  5. Isn't the whole point of botting to not be at the computer anyway? I guess you sat there for hours babysitting your macro, interesting use seeing as nearly all of rs is afkable now anyway.
  6. Stop working so much and get on the darn game! :-)

    1. HHNI


      A bit late at seeing this, but as you may have guessed I have returned! :D

  7. More than 1.1b off that goal, few things play into that however - the effigy nerf, lack of training in the fast buyable skills (predominately prayer and construction), and the date set is still a month and a half away. He also mentioned it was a lofty goal and would be hard to reach even if things went to plan, still interesting to see one's progress over the course of a year. To those curious...in reference to this video- /watch?v=g2t-L3YCar0
  8. Pretty sure he has little to no money, but anyway yeah hes been putting up nice numbers.
  9. It's great to see he's been able to stick with his original intention of playing less. When most people at the high end, rank-wise lose interest they will simply quit all together.
  10. He already stated his refusal to merch so that knocks out half of your 'smart' options, by the time he started working on the buyables those eras of big margins had passed. You seem to act as though flipping 2k furies was an easy process as well, not counting the fact you needed an initial 20b+(nearly enough for 200m buyables already) to merch 2k furies in that era, 20b pre-dicing was not very common at all. There's a lot of simplification in your post, but there's a reason only 30 people are 200m prayer, herb, craft, or con and even less with all 4 - not everyone can do it and money is that reason. They're all among the fastest skills to train, money is the limiting factor in them. Anyway no sense in arguing over how his money was obtained, he still has put in significantly more effort then anyone else. People will always have their own impression of respectable or not respectable ways people can/have made their money, all of which won't change their place on the highscores.
  11. Congrats on completionist cape!! yay! :D

  12. So Jdela changed his name to "I have Quit", this is pretty sad to see as he's been a longstanding front pager and quite an intellectual poster on the HLF forums in the past. With that said, can't say I blame him with the direction the game has been going. This of course is assuming he's going to follow through as his name indicates.
  13. The top 15 isn't stagnant, by the time he has 2.1b exp it will probably require ~2.3b and he will be out of afk/buyable skills. Then we see what he can actually do without fast skills handed to him via dice rank.
  14. That might worthwhile if only tracking the the very top end players, <200 usernames, but her list encompasses thousands of usernames and has more sections then the one I posted above with different criteria of evaluating players. None of it is manually generated and probably not worth the time to her as shes been keeping the list updated weekly for over 2 years with no gain aside from thankful players. But as you described, it does definitely sound possible with enough motivation.
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