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  1. i'd say mine is, i've had it since rsc, was my first band's name, i've been told its cool and original, people always misinterpret it as a sexual inuendo or wow you only a hero for 10secs, im a hero for like 3 hours, yeah yeah. came from "everyone deserves their 10 seconds of fame"
  2. they can all be true. if you have 99 smithing then you have a skillcape for it, 1 and 2 is true if you post here you can have 1000 posts. whether or not is A skillcape or more than 1 is a different matter. you can still be a member of the forums, have 99 smithing and the skill cape for it but under 1000 posts ( like me ) you could have only 99 smithing , A skillcape, post here but not 1k posts. but you can't have 1k posts without posting here you could have any skill 99 or have done all quests , but not really a skill cape.
  3. the first picture looks like it's from oblivion on the xbox 360. looks very similar to a city i played in, but it's from a birds eye view.
  4. one mage said "i infest your body with rot" every time he hit me lol. and the place is good to train: a) if you got full guthan B) if you like bad drops c) if you don't get bored easilly d) if you like being alone the actuall training area is at the end once you defeat the boss, nex time you enter his rorom terror dogs galore and this room has no traps, just a constant flow of dogs charging at you
  5. well after sitting killing terror dogs for about an hour solid you get to know what they drop.
  6. nah they not giant zombies just zombie ( level 100 ). i think they all drop the same base drops, but then as the lvl's get higher they drop more stuff[/code]
  7. both terror dogs have the same drops as blue dragons, but they also drop granite helmet as well. granite helm,bass, mith spears, mith hatchets, addy larges, mith kites, gems, herbs , clues etc
  8. cannons cannon be used in the terror dog room. the book is on table in the room throug the back
  9. little zombie dropped a magic log. iron arrow steel arrow mith arrow skeleton: antipoison leather vambraces coins steel mace amulet mould zombie: magic log rune warhammer steel dart hard leather
  10. 10secondhero has found a secret ! use tarn's book on salve ammy to give salve ammy (e) attack and str is 20% when fighting undead
  11. 10secondhero has found a secret ! use tarn's book on salve ammy to give salve ammy (e) attack and str is 20% when fighting undead
  12. granite helm eh? hmmm what drops it? terror dogs seem to have same drops as blue dragons they'r really aggressive. this is a bit disapppointing though it said "new treasures" but the bank is booby trapped. good place for a cannon maybe
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