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  1. alright now, like I said, refrain from personal attacks. Yes, that is me talking.
  2. Ah, yes but there is no such thing as absolute Chaos. Everything is obedient to God. They were wipped out because they deserved it, to us it's horrible. But consider this.. Other nations would come in ( assyria) kill the men and boys and enslave the womenand children and make the nation they just conquered a living hell for all..in a way, By doing this, God is showing them mercy.
  3. The Atheist world view cannot really give me a reason to live. If I did find something would it matter when I die? Absolutes, according to the atheist do not exist, and that would prove by what some of you said. Therefore by using logic to reply to my posts you are, now, taking on my world view. Which is, without God there would be nothing. You are nothing. The world is nothing. Meaning is pointless. There is no deffinate distinction between good and evil, it's a matter of personal preference. There is no hope in the future, we are all just going to die and that's it. Seems familiar? Pascals Wager had a similiar tie to it. If you live life saying there is no God and die and find out there is then you have all to loose. If you live life knowing there is God then you nothing to loose. According to this even if you did believe you would not be risking anything. Logic is based off of absolute laws. You cannot use logic in an atheist world view. Even if you could the laws would have to be accepted by everyone for you to use them. In short, I do believe there is a God. One God in, 3 in 1. I believe my lifes meaning is to live for Him, bring Him glory and enjoy him forever. I do not believe God would make you find your own meaning. To me, he has already given me meaning by creating me and showing me His Word in form of the Bible. I dunno, which world view gives more meaning? Keep in mind this is a forum about proving God exists. Refrain from flaming.
  4. Just a thread about DCB. To all of us who love DCB.
  5. You should probably seek help if the concept of a greater being is the only thing keeping you from suicide/murder. Hitler believed what he was doing was right, and so did many of his followers. True "evil" is defined by the society and culture, and those values tend to evolve over time. For example, homosexuality was often seen as an "evil act" hundreds of years ago -- yet today most people would not label it as such. Morals, laws, guilt, fear, family. Many factors keep you from doing such a thing, least of all religion. Simply because there is no God to tell atheists to "love thy neighbour" does not mean that all atheists want to put bullets in their neighbours heads. :) So then is that an absolute? Is it an absolute that the deffinition of "evil" changes over time? What if I go to a cousellor and he can't give me any better reason for not killing a neighbor??? What are laws? They don't matter in the end. What's the point to life?
  6. TheLastTemplar


    Why would you want to make fun of someone for being gay? Unless your a total douche bag with nothing better to do.. It's almost as bad as making fun out of people who are born blind, deaf e.t.c. People are born gay and I can't wait till science finally confirms this as stone fact. Also men are not the only gay people, there are women too or will you not make 'fun' of them for having sex with women? Double standards...? And why do gay people have to just take abuse from you and 'ignore' it, they have feeling too and constant verbal abuse can get people down and even drive them to commit suicide. That is so stupid. How are you born with homosexuality? God created Adam and Eve..you think by doing this he was trying to hint at something? You choose to be gay..
  7. Well in this hypothetical situation, God would undeniably exist (I believe He does, at least :D ) , would therefore prove everything in the Bible true, and therefore would be in control. So He is in control. No matter what. In the case He exists but isn't in control, who WOULD be in control? And in control of what? Nice, I do believe in God also!
  8. I am looking for answers to life. Is what Hitler did evil? If it is a matter of personal preference and there is no absolutes then can he truely be called an evil man? What's keeping me from putting a bullet in my neighbor's head? I just don't understand.
  9. Nice! There will never be a break in the cycle. There is no such thing as Peace, honestly, think about it. War is a fact of life, there always will be war and there always will be untill Christ comes back.
  10. That's still confusing though. There is no greater being, so what's the point? What's keeping us from suicide and genicide?
  11. I hate the UN. It's an absolutely absurd organization the most they ever seem to do is "condemn" someones invasion. Pointless organization. On top of that "giving land for peace " is insanity. Hitler asked for the same thing he said to Neville Chamberlain that if he could have the Sudetenland he would stop, did he?.. See how history repeats itself? There will never be peace untill the Christ returns. Most that can ever be achieved is a cease-fire.
  12. Very interesting thread. I have a question: what is life's meaning according to the atheist? I mean, they have so many other answer can they answer this?
  13. According to the bible, a sin is a sin. It may say God loves everyone but he hates the choices of homosexuals/etc. But if [Yoshi] was God, I would hate [homosexuals] but I dont believe God really does hate the [homosexuals] ^Making it easier to understand Anyway Yoshi; gtfo. If God created the world and everything in it; God would not have let us have the thought of homosexuallity. But these "God hates homo's" threads are over. So stop it. Edit: As soon as I said that, noone replied in over 2 hours xDDDDDD Don't assume that is what he meant, never a good idea. This is one of the questions Theologists and everyone has asked. God created the world and everything in it; true. He also gave the created there own personality. So what they CHOOSE to do is of there own descision. It is a very very confusing topic, they say it is 100%man's choice and 100% God's choice. I understand that if you are not a believer that this makes even more no sense. So do NOT try to bring logic into this. The fact that there is a group that labels themselves as such is horrible. From my Christian standpoint, you are doing more harm than good to the Faith. The guy is deffinately not doing his job.
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