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  1. It has been fixed? :-s I thought we agreed it wasn't a bug (and thus there is nothing to fix). Also I have been training in the stronghold and have been going through doors all day without answering any questions. It did take a lot of questions though, so maybe they tweaked the chances (or I'm unlucky today), but it is still there (and not a bug).
  2. You never get asked a question entering the door sets, but this thread is about how you sometimes don't get asked one leaving them either.
  3. I tried teleporting in wilderness and the scepter will not work beyond level 20.
  4. Well if you know the question very good, the clicking takes longer than awnsering the questions :? So you're wrong on that part :P Depends on your connection and computer. I can click through 3 or 4 additional questions in the time is takes to answer one because it takes a second or two to click through each part of the question. It just depends on how many questions it takes to get a free pass. I only use a touch pad. Once you're used to it it isn't too bad, and it is just as fast as a mouse (maybe a tiny bit slower, but not much).
  5. If you don't like being teled away, run away from the battle to deal with the random and then run back and finish your battle. Nothing is forcing you to keep battling. As long as you aren't pking at the time, it isn't a problem.
  6. This is a completely different idea to solve the same problem. Your topic is a discussion of your idea, this is a discussion of his idea. If anything is in the wrong place, they both are, and both ideas should be moved to the autoer/macro sticky in the General forum.
  7. No matter how complex or numerous you make the questions, you still have a limited number of templates for the questions into which variables (such as numbers or names) would be placed. A macro would match a template to the question, get the variables, and calculate the answer. By the time the questions were complex enough to stump a macro, they would stump most people too. Also, check your spelling, I can barely read your last post.
  8. Having the ants always aggressive and forcing players to kill them would be very annoying for any legit players. Having to kill 20 monsters per load would take too long, slowing down the training of the legit people. As for the skill noobs, it depends on the context. I get annoyed at all the people who try to use noob as a weak insult on the forums. I'm sorry for misinterpreting your comment.
  9. The basic idea is good, but it has a few problems: 1. Not skill noobs, skill pures or skillers. Just playing a different way doesn't make you a noob. 2. If they were aggressive till level 10, all autoers would be over level 10. It would kill a few autoers, but would quickly lose effectiveness and just serve to annoy skill pures and other low levels. 3. If someone really wanted to have lots of autoers, they could have a very high level guy protect them, elminating the effectiveness of the monsters. In short, it might help for a short time, but the autoers would quickly adapt.
  10. Mining is my highest at 55, while ranged is my lowest at 28. I'm f2p, so I don't have as many skills. I've been playing about 1 1/2 months.
  11. This isn't a glitch, you sometimes get a free pass instead of a question. If you click the door again, you get a new question which might be a free pass. If you answer wrong you get a new question which might be a free pass. This way you aren't constantly asked questions you've already answered. To get through fast, just keep clicking till it lets you through.
  12. As far as I know it cannot be recharged, you just have to get another. Destroy is like drop, but since you aren't allowed to trade it it disappears. Gone for good.
  13. If it did one item at a time and had a longish cool down time ( >1 min) it could be useful for collecting rare drops without unbalancing much else. Making it any more useful would unbalance everything, and since the feasible benefit is so small, it isn't worth creating. It is a good thing to wish for, but actually having it wouldn't be that great.
  14. Multiple problems here: First, what are you suggesting or offering for discussion (the topic of this forum), I just see a poorly written rant. Second, if you don't know what happened, how are we supposed to magically know when you don't give us any information. Third, how can you get hit for 71 and not have any clue what could have happened. There aren't many things that can hit that high. Thus, you either didn't get hit, or you must have some idea that you aren't telling us.
  15. I think he means gates like in the stronghold of security. As for the second post, I think he means give less time to respond to randoms before getting teled away. Or have more randoms that bring you somewhere else (like the maze).
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