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  1. square enix valve infinity ward EPIC Rockstar
  2. GTA: Vice City always wanted that to be a movie then GTA: IV that would make an awesome movie too
  3. jgrazotis

    Chewing Gum

    I broke my braces 3 times due to chewing gum. It's definately worth not chewing it for a few years as your teeth will look great for life. Thankfully i eventually learnt my lesson, but some people have to do it the hard way and pay for them to be fixed, NHS ftw 8-) I think i've tasted watermelon (or melon) abroad, and the flavour is good whilst it lasts, just leaves a slightly offputting aftertaste. so thats why my bands keep snapping and my rings popping off? well its only happend once (now) and i get them off in around 4 weeks :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ive had them for probably ove 3 years now :thumbdown: i didnt wear my elastics very often :wall: i used to chew wrigleys extra spearmint of course, before i got braces, then i couldnt take it and started chewing again and now its the new 5 gum, ive only tried the blue 1 and the orange 1, and there both amazing really wanna try the green but i guess i can wait a few weeks -.-
  4. i loved the "straight dave" bit, the crowds reaction was sooo funny, especially the guy that started crying omgrofl
  5. wasnt as good as i expected it to be, still had some funny moments though
  6. [hide=]In the morning he walks down to the 35th floor and takes the elevator down from there[/hide]
  7. i upgraded my GFX card so i can play TF2 again and a bit of portal (i dont know why everyone says its so good, it gets boring pretty fast) and re-downloaded mount and blade after a little misunderstanding so ill be playing that, and after i upgrade my ram ill be playing left for dead :thumbsup:
  8. i got the orange box awhile ago and after the pyro update i couldnt play TF2 anymore for some resaon, well i upgraded my GFX card and i can play it again, haha im so happy, + im gonna get more ram too soon
  9. Watched that one for Biology class in school, pretty good movie. watched it for english, i liked it saw 10,000BC yesterday, it was pretty good
  10. Your actually proud of owning a fleshlight? Lol. Fleshlight is plural, meaning he owns more than one. how much do they cost anyway? loll id prefer the hunt, more fun/exciting haha
  11. DJ Ravine - Absolute Tunage Happy Hardcore Mix
  12. jgrazotis


    i ment other DJ's / artists watever i just want some good Happy Hardcore thanks tho :
  13. DJ Ravine - 10 minute Happy Harcore mix lol
  14. jgrazotis


    im tryin to download some DJ Ravine right now :thumbup: what are some other good Happy Hardcore artists
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