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  1. Much better. Anyway, yeah. Just thought I'd stop in and see how things were going around here.
  2. 60+ is a good starting point, not too hard to get that. Good luck!
  3. I first started playing RuneScape way back in Classic, before the armor level requirements, before members, before anyone had 99 in any skill. I recently made a new character, and am starting from scratch. Currently, I am F2P, and will probably stay that way for a bit. No bank picture currently, as it is nothing to speak about. Current Total: 490/1000 Recent Levels: Attack - 50 Strength / Defense - 44 [hide=Goals]1000 Skill Total (f2p) Finish all f2p quests - only Dragon Slayer left [/hide] [hide=Achievements / Milestones] [/hide] [hide=Donations]Want to help me reach 1000 f2p? Add me in game, Rsn Tyndil. I always have chat on.[/hide] I'm always looking for people to talk to in game, so feel free to add me. Rsn Tyndil.
  4. Natural, lol. Anyway, I think it looks fine being off center. Also, colors are sexy. Corrected.
  5. Color is a personal preference, so you can't really base a rating off of that. I find the colors go well with each other. Not sure how I fell about it, but it is done well. I've always liked your work.
  6. It depends on what you want your signature for. In this case, then yes, you want the text to complement rather than look like it was stuck in there. Overall, the first two look a bit too busy. The third captures a better balance between foreground and background. I do think the text could be improved, instead of a semi-transparent white (which turns out greyish and doesn't suit the image well), and maybe a different font too. You have a flowing image, but then blocky, boring font. Other than that, it does look nice.
  7. Its hard to tell from that small of an image, but as has been said, something that is percentage based would be better than fixed at that size.
  8. Its only temporary to keep the database calls down while they are working on something i belive. Ah, okay. I just noticed the view count missing today and was just wondering about it. Thanks.
  9. I notice that the topic view count is gone. Could we get that back?
  10. My friend races and he says that having cancer actually improved Armstrong's racing abilities - before he started racing, he was a triathelete - which meant he had upper body muscle that weighed him down when he was a bike racer - after cancer his body was depleted of that muscle, meaning he could rebuild his body into perfect form for cycling. What I think a huge part of it was the fact that he kept all of his strength, but he lost a lot of weight. Less weight and same strength = better cycling. So basically yeah, that's what he did. Rebuilt his body for cycling. Anyway, in no particular order: Eddy Merckx - most dominate cycler ever Bernard Hinault - 5 time tour de france winner, 3 time giro d'italia winner, plus a number of others Greg Lemond - brought cycling to the USA Jacques Anquetil - first 5 time tour winner Miguel Indurain - 5 time (consecutive) tour winner, plus the giro d'italia twice in years he won the tour Lance Armstrong - 7 time winner, most tours, most consecutive, especially after the comeback from cancer. One thing most, if not all, of these cyclists have in common are larger hearts, larger lung capacities, and in Armstrong's case, lower levels of lactate build-up. They all add up for being an elite cyclist.
  11. Pfft. Anyone notice that there are about 5867 million different genres for music now? It's a load of bull sometimes. Anyway, some of the "hardcore" bands (or are they screamo? or woud they be post-hardcore? metal?) are: Haste the Day (new singer though, won't be the same without Jimmy as lead) Norma Jean Underoath As I Lay Dying As Cities Burn etc. etc. etc. I've only seen Underoath live though, as I live in an area that bands don't generally go to. Only other thing I have to say though is that so many peopel stereotype hardcore/subgenres/etc music and label anyone who listens to it as emo and the likes. It's annoying sometimes, getting those ignorant comments from someone who doesn't have any clue as to what music is and thinks they can just talk smack. Pfft. Stereotypes for the lose.
  12. I'm not even sure what mainstream might be considered, seeing as so many peopel have different views. For all purposes, the bands I listen to aren't mainstream, but its because I love the music they play and they do it well. If they do end up going mainstream, good on them I say. I listen to music that I like, I don't pay attention to things like being mainstream. So I guess I'm in the 99% who doesn't have your problem? :P
  13. Haha, that's awesome. I am an admin at ClearPHP. Glad to see that it's getting around 8)
  14. The second one has the Time Left text covered by the dragon.
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