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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. for math.. you always need tutoring.. no matter what your grades are. I disagree and have myself as an example. I honestly don't know, but I've barely been on the computer today and that was one of the first things I clicked that I don't usually click. :mellow: I can't think of anything I've been on recently that could have caused it, since yesterday was just TIF, Youtube, and Skype. <_< Anywho, I think it's gone so, good times. :twss: Just out of curiosity and for my own future reference, what did you do to remove it (assuming it's fully gone, that is)? I generally turn to Malwarebytes and online scanners (or I just use DBAN and start over if there's nothing special on the hard drive and I don't feel like wrestling with it), but I figure it's never a bad idea to know other people's tricks just in case.
  3. /\ Correct < Loves binary. \/ Loves plain old English.
  4. Banned because there was a guest in here at the time of this post.
  5. 900 I am sorry to say that I must be going now - I gotta go make some money so that I can pay my tuition.
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