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HUGE DROP PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am planning a huge drop party the blue moon inn on the 9th of june 2007








If you come and dont drop i will cry as i am putting lots of work into getting all the stuff ready and organising things to drop.








I will mainly be dropping food but have some jewalry to drop as well.








If there is any thing in your bank no matter how noobish please come along and drop it.








Please PM 1 of these people if you plan to come or want moreinfo:- Jess1522, Cameron6234(main), foodsales.
















world :-10








time :-4pm GMT








where :- In the blue moon inn varrok








what :- a huge drop party

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Is blue moon the one near wildy? If so, this is probably a lure. If not, good for you and everyone who attends.




its not.

Matt: You want that eh? You want everything good for you. You want everything that's--falls off garbage can

Camera guy: Whoa, haha, are you okay dude?

Matt: You want anything funny that happens, don't you?

Camera guy: still laughing

Matt: You want the funny shit that happens here and there, you think it comes out of your [bleep]ing [wagon] pushes garbage can down, don't you? You think it's funny? It comes out of here! running towards Camera guy

Camera guy: runs away still laughing

Matt: You think the funny comes out of your mother[bleep]ing creativity? Comes out of Satan, mother[bleep]er! nn--ngh! pushes Camera guy down

Camera guy: Hoooholy [bleep]!


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