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  1. I've used it so far at solo kq and duo arma and absolutely love it. Probably never selling as there's nothing else worth buying for 500m
  2. What's the best way to get ecu keys? I read that it is 1/50 for the first key - is there something quick to kill that would make this better than just killing sara spirit mages and half-killed stuff?
  3. Where else would I buy tree/torstol seeds? Supply is way too low from legitimate players. I'll never bot on my own character, but I'm not going to sit around and ignore the items pretty much only obtainable in bulk from bots.
  4. Very astute. One thing I enjoy about 07 is the game's relative balance. Skills like herblore/crafting/smithing aren't a huge loss to train in certain ways, and there's not the interference of the GE. Jagex obviously messed up when they inflated the economy with pvp worlds and removed trade, and this played in to past price problems. The biggest drawback of the GE, to me, is the liquidity it gives to most skilling materials because of the added ease in buying/selling. Without the GE, there's more of a point to having a bank full of various materials that you use, versus just what you need at any one time (and a lot of placeholders). I think that, in 07, there's more of a purpose to farming your own herbs for herblore, or like I did, alching the bows you fletch. While this does make the game a little bit slower (you certainly waste time trading people), it also makes buying and selling effectively a skill of itself for every serious 07 player.
  5. CIP fairy ring is pretty fast access to the coal rocks and advisor ghrim. With the brimhaven spot, I'll be able to get to the gnome stronghold much faster during tree runs.
  6. Let's hope 1 in 5 can survive. I know, I know, I could pay the guy to watch it, but you need a ground suqah tooth - and I haven't bothered doing the lunar series yet. And gosh, I love MTK
  7. Just in case anyone was wondering, the floorboards do not give significant xp in old school. Dang it, that quest line was a pain, too.
  8. Flash back to the night hunter was released - I'm so overcome with nostalgia, and I can't believe I got 30 hunt in the same spot almost 7 years ago (I missed 30 pic this time around). Shout outs to jimmyd17, wherever you may be.
  9. We're in need of your assistance, sir Jacob Gwasha. I'm thinking that after your desert exploration last month, Jagex took the cue and released desert tasks. The fate of your next explored region - and the future of Runescape - is in your hands.
  10. I missed a lot of rs, but how do I get a hat as part of my default clothing?
  11. Would it make it easier to trim your hp cape if you realized nobody actually cares about untrim hp anymore?
  12. I've always thought pures fighting pures was silly. Maxed combat is obviously the way to go now.
  13. Dragon boots are max str - steadfast only add some slash attack and defensive bonuses iirc oh, I'm a noob because I let my citadel fealty bonuses drop over the last 2 weeks
  14. I watched that a few time trying to make out the differences... not sure what changed other than graphics
  15. Uh... you have to tell me the lamps you got.... Pretty much what Capheraekton at spoiler but with no special weekends and w/e. I did. Assigned lamps are randomly chosen from all skills, unassigned are lamps to use in a skill of your choice. You can assume each assigned lamp has a 1/25 likelihood for every skill.
  16. He should be doing arctic pines with the bonfire method, so neither is really a factor. I guess he could pay people to bonfire with him at arctic pines for the slight xp boost, but that's doubtful.
  17. out of 1950 spins - 182 unassigned/124 assigned med, 250 unassigned /239 assigned small if anybody else wants to do the math to get the xp/hour and $/xp, be my guest.
  18. Impressive, congrats. Going for trim after comp, or just statue for fun?
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