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Best way to do fast money


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with my skills what is the fastest way to make huge amount of money ?




I tried sharks but its slow


tried pure essence but still you make around 120K per hour


tried aviansies but you make around 400K per 3 hours plus the money spent on prayer pots

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tank avansies not prayer




all u need is armadyl pendant and a zammy item and ur good




with dhide and g shield with b2p




I have rune cbow, black dhyde, armadyl pendant, zammy cape, snake skin boots, archer helm, should I buy archer ring or should I use wealth or life ? I used emerald (e) bolts and was good ...should I go for something cheaper ? What items to take with me if not 15 prayer pots ? Was using saradomin stole instead of armadyl pendant before.




70 mine and 91 fish are your good stats




mine 500g granite bank repeat




how much money per hour do you think I can make mining granite ? Where is the best place to mine it with a step away bank ?

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helm of netz/archer


black dhide


black dhide


granite shield


rune cbow mith bolts


ring of life


barrow gloves/black vambs


snakeskin boots








and bones to peaches tabs


with 100 alchs




if you have the camulet you can access the granite mine quickly but if not use carpet rides bank in alk


idk money rates

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It was so funny reading this thread, but on a more serious note.




A good way to make money is Slayer, although it takes a long time before the gp starts rolling in, other ways are doing Clues and perhaps one of the easiest ways to make money, is to do Throne of Miscellania and Royal Trouble, then just let your kingdom make money for you.




If all that fails you can back to grinding with your skills, but I find that very boring.


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For granite mining bring 1-2 full waterskins and use a camulet to tele to the temple, walk out into the mine and fill your inventory with 500g granite and teleport to castlewars. Repeat.

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with your melee stats you could make maybe 400k an hour off green dragons. You use money on maybe 1 anti fire pot every 2 loads (and this is for me, not u) and maybe 3-4 foods per trip in case of rev. I do it in the wild, so if i die i can tele with games necklace right to it within a minute or 2. There are probably guides for it, but the main point is to wear an antifire/dragonfire shield and some armor and a wep and ur good

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bones to peaches as such are expensive to buy tabs...




yes forgot to mention that I have a rune defender and barrows gloves....so archer ring is wasted at this time right ?




What about mining granite ?




Bones to peaches tabs are expensive? If you have more than 5 bones in your invent, it's cheaper food than sharks. A LOT cheaper. Since 5 bones = 5 peaches, 5 peaches heal 40hp (8hp each). A shark costs roughly 1k and heals 20hp. So B2P tabs are MASSIVELY cheaper. Especially if you collect 14-16 bones each time you use a tab...It's over 100hp, easily.




Also if you're going to aviansies, don't use Emerald(e) bolts. They cost ~205gp, while mithril bolts cost around ~90gp. Just use mithril.




And as craven said, do herb runs and MTK for extra cash on the side while you're at aviansies/green dragons/runecrafting/slaying. And to top it all off, make sure each time when you log off you put your expensive items on the GE for maximum price, and sometimes when you log back in, you'll have made an easy 500k, without even playing the game.

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