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rofl ill tell u how to turn it off




go to rs home


click on ex. user


on the detail select page there is a check box below the two details, it says safe mode. check that box and then select your detail




this will turn some of the graphics off i belive but it lets ur pc run a lot smoother, althought u will still get lag sometimes, but a lot less




tell me if it works and spread the word :thumbsup:


shame on all you people who call others noobs

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The lag was gone for me, but my computer has a bit over the specifications. I found it got better and better as time playing progressed, since it was still loading much of the Realm.

catch it now so you can like it before it went so mainstream

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The trouble is/was that there is masses upon masses of new content to download.




1. The updates to the old low/high game.




Even alone this is going to be a huge amount of files, Lumbridge, Al Kharid, Ardy and Castle Wars is a lot of graphics.




2. HD




I think all members tried HD at least once. Thats a lot of downloading.




So at peak time the lag was horrific as everyone was getting the new files and then checking them out. I personally wrote the day off and read a book. Last night was fine.


Trust the Gene Genie!

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