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62-69 Smithing, starting broke.


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Well, not completely. I have like 100k to work with, but that's really not much.




I'm wanting to gain those 7 smithing levels quickly, but I have no idea how. I'm a complete smithing noob. I could mine enough coal and iron for 69, but that'd be 12k coal and 6k iron, and I just don't have the patience. I can gain money fairly quickly, but I'm not sure if that would be faster than just mining the materials - I'd estimate the coal and iron to cost ~3m. I'm P2P, and I've got access to goldsmithing gauntlets, and every other quest-related smithing bonus, so I can make cannonballs or mine gold in that giant dwarven mine.


So, any thoughts? What would be the fastest way of getting to 69, taking into account my current amount of gold? The rest of my stats are in my sig.

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I leveled to 70 smith, smithing iron plate bodys and alch them but im f2p and this isnt profitable.


I dont know if in p2p there is much better ways to lvl smith but i ahve heard that smithing cannon balls you dont lose money, you should try it. ;)


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Don't go any lower than steel items. Start by mining some iron and coal and make cannonballs, sell them on and you can then use the cash to buy materials or keep mining for more profits. Remember with cannonballs it 4 per 1 steel bar so at first glance it might seem worse than it is.


Steel plates maybe, not sure on any profit from that if your looking for some.


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Blast furnace




Buy some feathers, mithril ore and 2x coal, then make mithril bolts at the blast furnace. Profitable and quick exp.

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