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  1. I've been grinding solo dungeons for a while now, and my exp rate still seems abysmal. Most of my friends who have 99+ dungeoneering strongly suggest that I stop soloing, but I've tried to do team dungeons and everyone else just takes as many drops as they possibly can, with no forethought or even basic understanding of the skill's mechanics. Honestly I find co-op dungeons unbearable. That said, just how big is the discrepancy between solo and co-op dungeoneering exp rates? I'd like to keep training, but I may just have to bite the bullet and find a decent team if it's supposed to be a co-operative skill - a terrible first, if it is.
  2. The old three-pulse expanding yellow high-alch animation, of course. I really miss that :(
  3. I had a huge number of 'vintage' RS screenshots that I'd love to contribute, but they're on a harddrive that has winged its way to the land where discs are eternally blessed. Great thread nonetheless.
  4. This forum is designed to facilitate discussion. While the widely-held academic definition of discussion may involve mature and considered exchanges of carefully thought-out views and ideas, this is usually not the case. When someone wants to contribute to a discussion, they want to put their ideas forward. Their ideas are correct - otherwise they would not hold them. And so, when someone challenges these ideas, the audacity and idiocy displayed by this disagreement clearly demonstrates their lack of intelligence, and therefore their need for abuse. This is only exacerbated by the large proportion of proud pseudointellectuals who skulk the threads, and refuse to admit defeat when their superior thoughts are thought to be imperfect. And thus, flaming. QED.
  5. Yes. Then keep doin' exactly what you're doin'. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just saying that it's not my thing. If I'm slaying and the monster area is already supporting the maximum number of people, I'll hop, because I personally don't enjoy causing people frustration. I can see how the idea of overpowering and forcing someone's actions could be fun, so more power to you :D
  6. Flawless logic. We're humans, and we come from a species that is almost comprehensively not nice to each other. Hell, the seemingly altruistic "do unto others..." demands reciprocation, so it's not like anyone can expect you to be nice to them. And if you have more or less maxed combat and equipment, it's not like anyone can stop you. You want stuff, and you're prepared to do whatever it takes - i.e. barge in and overpower everyone else - to get it. Fair enough. I personally disagree with that philosophy, and look where it's got me. But the question is... do you really want to be thought of in a similar light to the United States?
  7. Ooh, finally the full set has an effect. A completely useless one, but an effect nonetheless. Actually, this, combined with the agility update, may have given me enough reason to buy a month's membership.
  8. To be honest that's really the only thing that matters. If you're truly excited about it, you'll probably get it no matter which method you use. Good luck :grin:
  9. I know this isn't exactly what you were asking, but at 93 defence you could just wear proselyte top and legs, with piety on. When I camped there, I rarely needed to restore my health, even without a bunyip. Piety will really speed things up, but I guess that setup would work too. From what I remember, the exp rate was around 90k/hr, as long as you paid reasonable attention. So I'd say you have about 70 hours to go?
  10. Attack, definitely. Unless you want defense for reasons other than its combat usefulness.
  11. I have access to a premium Rapidshare account. So, yes. Stephen Fry made a very interesting speech on the history and status of copyright laws at the iTunes live festival, and I believe there's a podcast of it somewhere. He undoubtedly says it better than I could.
  12. This has probably already been mentioned, but the pinapple pirate vendor, Dell Monti, has a suspiciously similar name to Del-Monty, the cat in the Sorceress' Garden.
  13. There's no way I'll be fast enough to get 'Alex', is there? Suppose I ought to make a list of names less unbearable than 'Alex D T' then.
  14. AlexDT

    Fletching Cape.

    i play this game 7 years and im wearing a fletch cape all the time? guess im newer to the game then most people then Well, clearly your isolated case completely undermines his properly qualified generalisation. >they tend to be newer to the game. >they tend to be >tend Tendency: 1. a likelihood of behaving in a particular way or going in a particular direction; a tending toward.
  15. If the rare rewards were more common, they would be less expensive, and no longer considered a 'good' reward. Therefore, you would still be ranting about never getting any rare items. Egregious logic.
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