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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. WildxYak


    When I reduce the size of swiftkit to a little bit over half screen, for multitasking, I get a scrollbar at the bottom of the RS screen. I get this using a Chrome window as well but not with the RS client. I'm on 1440x900 resolution. Is there any way to stop this happening?
  3. If you talk to Duke Horatio there's a 'Manage crisis' option. I'm curious as to what effect these decisions will have.
  4. This seemed like the best forum and the best place to ask! I have an oldish family use laptop (Toshiba Equium P300) for general surfing (spec too low for RS) and when its first turned on it will show the good/excellent connection but with 'limited connectivity' and won't actually connect or let me access the internet. The only way I can get past this is resetting the wireless modem which is a royal pain and usually inconvenient as me or my brother also play XBL. Any ideas on how to just connect? Also, the laptop has a (preinstalled) program called 'Toshiba ConfigFree'. It looks virtually useless and generally just annoys me but is related to wireless internet connection and I'm not sure if its necessary or not. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance!
  5. Check out the tipit Monster Hunting guides here. Give the Giant Mole a go too. Its easy and safe to get too.
  6. I only have 90 fishing and have started. I very slowly getting used to how it all works but, like Urza said, getting a foothold in for when I can start more seriously and with more 90+s.
  7. Player owned Gnomeball team/league
  8. Since EoC levels for armour and some weapons have changed a bit but not a huge amount at your current sort of level has changed. As you've only mentioned melee, rune items are now level 50 so you'll be with them for a bit. Attack; upgrade your weapons as soon as you can, it'll make a big difference. Do Lost City and get yourself a d long until 70 as its easy and you said to avoid MM. Defence; you could consider dragon helm and legs but probably better off just skipping it and getting bandos/barrows asap at 70. This will make you defensively weak to magic who you'll be offensively strong against. Wear the best dragonhide you can to better protect from magic attacks (blue at 50-59 def).
  9. I'd guess using magic would work well as air spells are free using an air staff and you can safe spot if necessary. Can you still safe spot black knight on Ice Mountain? Assuming their weakness is magic.
  10. Keep Bandos, good overall melee armour with no repair costs. Another thing, the combat triangle is buffed and weaknesses really are weaknesses.
  11. I'm no good with item values, although armour and weapons are now effectively power based on their level to wear/wield. Eg. barrows and bandos are very similar. With the EoC came the action bar which can be very useful for skilling (quick dropping iron ore for example) as well as abilities, food and pots in combat. Monster combat levels, hp and difficulty can be a bit all over the place. Despite all the hate it's getting I'm still enjoying the game.
  12. Easy D&D and decent xp, can't complain. Quite enjoyed it tbh, reminded me of the mastermind board game gradually getting closer to the correct combo. Doing the one for prayer means it works as an alter too.
  13. All my gear is fairly low level (apart from barrows armour) so can't help much there apart from make sure you take advantage of monster weaknesses. The new membership is annual pay with bonus benefits. If you don't want one then your regular membership can just carry on as normal.
  14. I got unlucky with my Sara kills and needed about 120, I killed Knights Of Sara as they're lowest level, low hits and low defence (old combat). Make sure you've done the agility obstacle into Sara encampment as well as kills outside of here don't count. I used Cere Robes instead of getting KC and you can click across the room, needed food though (there's a bank room before Nex room). I also wore the robes into Nex room and took a bunch of food but you literally need nothing as long as you run from 'exploding death prayer which name I can't remember'.
  15. To confirm, this was when I did mine and was the same.
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