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Runescape Full Screen - CONTRAST


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Has anyone noticed that the contrast is very big???




Also when you adjust the "brightness" , it does not apply for all of the screen.




Example: The game screen gets dark, but when you write a message in private= the message field is very shiny...




It's a bit annoying, i dont know if it's because i have turned off light in my room, but it's extremly much contrast that it's bugging me.




Anyone else feel it this way???

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Hmm not much of a complete discussion




I agree a bit as only the actual graphics get toned down but the chat box and stats stay the same. I dont mind it too much, its only a small thing

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Never noticed it...




Use karjam gloves to teleport to Shilo village ( Which takes you to a underground gem rock cave)...




Then go up from there...




You will defintly notice it if you do that :lol:

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Thats why theres a contrast setting on your monitor. Short of a full screen game, it is always better to use the monitor for this because then it affects the whole screen thus alowing you to enjoy your eyesight for a longer time. Yes HD RS has full screen, but its only an option so it does not make sense to build it into the client. If you have issues with the chatbox, use your monitor to fix the problem, don't use the thing causing the problem to fix the problem.

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