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Help on Iron mining and ranging please


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I'm pretty new player, having 35 minging. And for lvl 60 mining (my goal) I need to mine 7k+ iron ores :ohnoes:


I don't really approve dropping method, so I wanted to ask, which mine is the closest to bank with 2-3 iron ores?






Second question is, where do you advise me going with 52 ranged?


Currently slaying chaos druids for herbs, but it' s very slow expierence. :|

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The mine north east of yanille has some iron, and it's quite close to a bank.




Also, if you have 57 summoning, I recommend using a spirit kyatt to teleport to the phiscatoris mine, there are 3 iron rocks in a triangle. When your inventory is full, bank at castle wars with a ring of duelling, then teleport back with your kyatt. This is just as fast as dropping, but nets you about 85k profit per hour.




If you don't have 57 summoning, I recommend getting it, if that's an option for you.

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