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Best way to become a pure


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Now I am recently hearing that pures will be dead with the new world wide wilderness coming through in the future, this might be true, but lets forget that fact shall we?




Also my prototype character for this is a P2P member, but eventually I will go back to F2P for the sake of PKing. Therefore all PKing is on F2P. I haven't PKed yet with this character because he's still in 'training'




Read away!




I am in the process of making a nasty somewhat low level pure of my own right now. At the moment I have a Combat level of 34, 63 Magic and 62 Range- as well as 31 Attack (--! I just did a couple quests and after 10 or so TOK and Genie lamps, I've gotten this far !--)




All this and I still have 10 HP, which means, more room to beef up my attack and strength without having an overloaded HP level.








How about if I set a goal. I plan on raising my magic and range to 70. This would put my combat level at 37.


Also I should note that my prayer is at 9.




I then plan on raising my attack to 40


That would require 22856 xp assuming that I don't get any lamps. One quarter of that XP would be devoted to HP, so my HP score would go from 10 to 22.




My Combat score would be at 40-- my pure would look something like this.




ATT 40






RNG 70


MAG 70




HP 22






Still room to grow right? So now I would increase my STR. If I brought my STR level up to 50 (from 0 xp), my HP would rise to 38, leaving me with




ATT 40


STR 50




RNG 70


MAG 70




HP 38




...and a combat score of 44




So I know I can definately do this but what do you think. As a pure, how would I fare? I would have over all low HP BUT I would also have a low combat score. I could easily take out a rune scimmy and start dealing the damage to a mage who tried to run away from me (mind you I also plan on having 50+ agility which crosses over in F2P)

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Moved to Graveyard Help & Advice. Best of luck :)


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heh i say defenitly get your hp up because people will eat through that 10 hp fast as heck




^ Exactly.




If you plan on making a Kryptic Inc-esque pure, then I can't guarantee you much kills, but I can guarantee you'll face death several times. This is especially true if you plan to PK in P2P, a Mage Shortbow spec could easily kill you, along with Obby Mauls, Rune C'bows etc. You might have low HP at a low combat level with high range and strength, but you'll find yourself eating every second because with each single hit your opponent delivers you could already be at 1/2 of your original HP. If you want to continue down your current path, go ahead, I'm not trying to force you to gain HP levels or anything, I'm just pointing out the many flaws that comes with it.


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I actually attempted the exact same thing. I worked out great, then I started getting more and more hp from pking. That's the flaw you're overlooking, your hp is going to skyrocket... and FAST. Now, i'm at way too high of hp for my level. And I did it even more efficiently than you did.

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