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I feel that I am doing myself and the rest of the TIF General Discussion userbase a favor by making this topic.




This topic is simple. Post all of the random ideas/problems/suggestions/random stupidity that have to do with the New PVP Worlds here. This way, you all can look at one topic instead of the 10-15 on the front page.




This post is not me making a joke or trying to make a point. This is me trying to save this section of TIF from 4-8 months of torture.




Happy posting. ::'

I shall take my flock underneath my own wing, and kick them right the [bleep] out of the tree. If they were meant to fly, they won't break their necks on the concrete.
So, what is 1.111... equal to?



Please don't continue.


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Good motives but we probally could have stuck with the original thread(s), to unspamify though:




What do we think about the teleblock spell, could it brought back?

Theres a fine line between not listening and not caring,

I like to think I walk this line every day.

Pinning blame on Jagex is like trying to put pants on an old man.

You both know he needs them, but he'll just keep dancing around, avoiding them at all costs.

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