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Lots of stuff!! O M G


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havent really posted here much recently so heres some of the stuff i've been working on


textures rock




lot of stock backgrounds




thats not me if you guys are wondering




thats me :lol: . made for a battle, currently tied




rendered it myself too






[hide=LP]just an awesome stock i happen to catch




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Only problems I see is that


the first 1 needs color balance, it's has way to much contrast, tooo bright!


2nd one has no focal point, it was hard to reconize the render.

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1. I love the colours on this one but the flow feels slightly downwards with the "swirly" stuff in the background. The tail looks sharpened and it's supposed to be far away so you should understand. The piece is to bright which makes it hard to look at but the contrast isn't eye killing :thumbup:, lower the brightness and I'd say it's your best.




2. It's way to dark where the focal is and it's overcontrasted which gives it a really awkward look. The light on the right ide stole all of my attention which is a bad thing. I can't really point out what you've done or not as it's dark and chaotic.




3. Good looking effects and good flow but all of the vines are behind the waves which look a bit awkward and there are too many star dots in my opinion.




4. Colours go well together but the glow is really randomly placed in my opinion, border and text is meh but I shouldn't be talking :P.




5. Looks quite good but it feels tad to bright and the black line is distracting. Not much more to comment though, smudging on the left side/circles looks "ok" but could be better if you get what I mean.




LP. Nice smoke effect and colours but it's overcontrasted/to bright again :|.




Can't really come with more as I'm not too experienced with stocks and I'm not sure how I would comment a couple of them.

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