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  1. re4p3r1


    left my college town for winter break. back at the place i lived in before college
  2. re4p3r1

    Hip Hop & Rap

    listening to cudi's album for the 100th time...love the dude's words
  3. re4p3r1

    Limewire shut down

    clearly a majority of people everywhere used limewire, one of my friends said he was in india and had his laptop with him and was still able to download songs off limewire. so idk whats up with everyone going "limewire?? whats that? people really use limewire?" i've used pretty much all of the music downloading clients that have ever existed, there were some before limewire and there is a ton now, (bearshare, spiralfrog, frost, etc) and i've accumulated lots of songs from them and other programs and yes, it was because it was free. you know what else is free, youtube. free to upload and free to download if you have the right programs. i don't understand how they close limewire down and keep youtube, much bigger and comprehensive than limewire, around. this will solve nothing, my friend vixy told me :wink: .
  4. ohio is for lovers - hawthorne heights i miss casey :(
  5. So should we avoid studying history at all? Or better yet, censor it? It's full of those unpleasant truths that don't conform to the 21st century's societal norms. Feudalism, colonialism, genocides (The manmade kind), racism, war crimes, political killings, and horrible sci-fi movies. Sheltering people won't change that. Learning what the past is is the best way to learn how the present got to be the way it is. Yeah, the past wasn't perfect. That's why today we aren't serving under an absolute monarch. we should avoid using history as a moral lesson but not learning it. if you really think about it, kids are pretty much sheltered as far as what they learn from school, so they don't necessarily learn about those things anyways. we learn about those things when we're in high school, hopefully mature, and have a good grasp on whats right or wrong. kids that grow up with parents who have prejudices have no protection from what they're are told and have to live with it. my parents and I are immigrants, i was lucky enough to be 5 when i first arrived in the States but they were both in their 30s so they weren't use to all this diversity. they also weren't keen on me hanging out with other minorities. they would tell me things like why do you hang out with them and those are your friends? i went through most of my childhood thinking it's better for me to be with people of my own kind; took me long time, well into high school, till i realized that's not what i want for myself. do you think it's ok for parents to pass on things to their kids that are morally less than golden? i honestly don't care if people think homosexuality is immoral, everyone is entitled to their thoughts and opinions. i would first and foremost like for people to get educated about what it is to be homosexual and listen to someone who knows what they're talking about and not make opinions based on what they assume, heard, or unknowingly believe. that would be a start. don't say you disagree with it but know anything about it.
  6. What. Saying it's okay but condemned by the bible is just saying that it's okay even though the bible condemns it. It's more like saying that racism is bad but segregation was encouraged in the past. That does not encourage racism. It reminds us that culture changes. you're not directly encouraging racism there but you're saying at one point in time it was considered ok. a kid is going to wonder why it's supposed to be bad but at one point in time it was ok or why it's alright if someone's gay but the bible and their parent's beliefs condemn it
  7. Don't worry, he's returning to form :thumbsup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujc1RlY22ts The consequences are pretty scary, because it's me, I'm angry, and I've got a big gun" "Cool gun, cool car, and a lot of kickin ass" Also, he explains all the family movies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZqNwj_fBhw&NR=1 OH gawd yes finally. sorry i have poorman's slow dial up internet and youtube doesn't really function unless you have high speed so i can't really see those videos, but it's about time. i watched confessions of a dangerous mind couple of days ago, reminded me of fight club also i saw a good vampire movie (yes, there exists one) made in korea, it's called Thirst (2009) and it was so much more interesting than those stupid twilight movies
  8. if you want to just to be a faster runner work on all the muscles you use to run, your calves, cause when you running at top speed you're not really set your whole foot down on each stride so you're using your calf muscles a lot when you're sprinting. your thighs and back leg muscles would come next, for that explosion and acceleration. if you want better times on your meets, i would say work on your form. i'm not too sure, i didn't do track, i did football. both of these would require good diet and constant training though
  9. I agree with this. If someone is vigorously bashing homosexuality, I think you have the right to vigorously bash that line of thinking. However, if someone just says they do not agree with it but they aren't doing so in a vigorous manner, then you are really kicking your own cause in the nuts if you attack them with an overly-passionate level of assertiveness. A loud man will listen to the louder man, and a gentle man will listen to the gentler man. Rhetoric is essential if you want to be listened to. just because someone isn't vigorously against homosexuality doesn't mean they should be spared. parents who tell their kids that homosexuality is ok but is condemned in the bible are only spreading ignorance and more prejudice against homosexuality. it's like telling a kid that candy is ok to eat but it'll give you high blood pressure. they're still going to eat the candy and pick on the gays at school and grow up ignorant and tell their kids the same thing
  10. re4p3r1


    washed some clothes in the dishwasher. beat that
  11. wow people still ask each other on dates?! no one at my high school asked each other on "dates" it always started out as a "thing" then it blossomed to teenage love. i would say use that time to get to know her and let her get to know you maybe you'll realize you don't really have much in common or maybe you both hit it off
  12. re4p3r1


    been watching looney tunes since i woke up
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