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Well I've got this hard drive . . .


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Quick story: my brother wanted a computer in his room, so we tried to make our old Dell run. It was missing some vital component and wouldn't start, so he got this bright idea to take a TEN YEAR OLD eMachine from my grandma's house. Well, 8 gigs of hard drive just wouldn't do, so I took the 80 gig from the Dell and slaved it to the 8. Kinda lol, but whatever. Well, then I went to install XP on the comp, but the disk drive wouldn't work :wall: So after some failed attempts to steal the disk drive from the Dell, I gave them both up for crap and took the 80 gig HD.




Now to my question. I want to slave the 80 gig to my laptop, which is currently like .5 gigs short of it's full 30. The problem is I have no clue how to do this. It's not made to be an external, so I'm pretty much lost. The HD is a Dell and the Laptop is a Dell, but I can't tell you much beyond that.






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Taking a tower hard disk and slaving it to a laptop just isn't possible without an external kit. Try as you might, you won't find an IDE (SATA) port on a laptop, nor will you find the appropriate power hookup either.

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