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  1. The music you might be trying to play might only be 2.1 sound and not surround sound, meaning there would not be any music coming out of the rear speakers.
  2. If you can't connect to the wifi and it's an open connection (no password) it probably has a MAC filter. This would be pretty easy to connect onto though. Find out the MAC of a wireless host and spoof that MAC onto your computer and you can connect. The router for a schools network is probably not a 192.168 address as that is usually too small for a school network (254 hosts maximum). Try or something similar in the 172.16.x.x range. Or type in ipconfig into the command prompt to get your ip address and it's usually the first address on the address space. For example if your address is a the router is probably The router may not be accessible by a web interface to begin with as it may only be accessible from a serial port depending on the network configuration. BTW if you need to get the local admin password it is very easy to do. There are many utilities you can find on Google to tell you the password. Soon as you get the local admin password you can then start to explore the network and see how it works. Check for simple security hole like if the system is patched with the latest windows updates and out of date versions of popular programs that can be exploited like Adobe Flash. If there's a simple security hole that's not patched on the network you can pretty easily take the hole thing down with a pre-made virus. Such as my school's network still doesn't have the hole patched that the Conficker worm uses. If you need to open the command prompt when run is disabled. Open notepad, type in "cmd[Caution: Executable File]" and save the file with .bat at the end and run it. This is a batch file that can be very useful/deadly. This is for educational purposes only, I am not responsible for any damage caused.
  3. Most worms and viruses are way over hyped. They always say that this new virus is going to be a killer that going to infect millions and it usually does not happen. Keep your system updated and have a good antivirus scanner and you will be fine.
  4. ^^^^ IE8 gets a 20 on the acid3 test. It stops at 12 and then if you let it keep going or click around a few times it goes to 20. It's still way behind the other browsers: Firefox 3.1 bet3 gets a 94, Opera10 gets a 100, Chrome 2 beta gets 100, Safari gets a 99 or 100 depending on the time you run it. It's pretty sad that Microsoft wouldn't try harder to comply to standards when every other major browser is. I'm a Firefox user but this is big news. It's a step in the right direction for web standards. I've noticed that it's faster than IE7 but it's still really slow. I may switch to Chome because it's so fast, way faster than any other browser. It needs extensions like Firefox to really make me switch though.
  5. Translated to always run the computer with a heatsink and fan. I'm surprised you didn't fry the chip running without a heatsink for even a second.
  6. Spend $2000 on a computer and either save the rest or buy a car. Seriously, you don't need a $6000 computer. A $2000 (at the most) computer will play every game at high settings out right now and probably in the future. If you want the fastest computer for the price, don't get a MAC, period.
  7. I hate programming but I can say it in 7 different languages. Qbasic Visual Basic Javascript C# C++ HTML php I can't do much more than that in any of these languages. Programming is not my cup of tea.
  8. Malwarebytes anti malware is a really good one. It has found and removed items that Adware and Spybot have not even detected. It's free which makes it even better. +1 for Avira
  9. do you HAVE to pay the 14.99 a month or can you just download a single song? Nope, you can buy songs individually too. The Zune software is a lot better than it use to be. Download and try it out. http://www.zune.net/en-us/software/download/default.htm I like the Zune because it has fm radio, wireless syncing, and the option to buy songs over wifi which the ipod nanos do not have these features. You can also share songs and pictures between zunes but finding somebody else with a Zune is kinda rare :P . I have the 30GB version and it's pretty good.
  10. What scanners are you using? I'm thinking they all didn't fully remove and you still have some left.
  11. Perfect list but I also like to use Glary Utilities but it's not as user friendly as the others. Have you scanned for viruses and spyware lately? Use a lightweight virus scanner like Avira Free.
  12. Why is releasing different versions bad? I rather not go into the different versions but consumers will only be choosing from 2 versions, Home Premium and Professional. Netbooks will be using Home Basic. Why wouldn't the beta test be Ultimate? How else would they test all the features of all the versions?
  13. Are you an administrator? How much free space is left on the drive?
  14. That reminds me actually, it was a mechanical pencil that the tip said to use, wherever I read it. :P Protip from experience: when replacing the heatsink, try not to break the pins that push into the motherboard to secure it cost me £15 to go buy a new one. -.- Those can be a pain to take off sometimes, especially on some of the oem boards that are crammed. You do know you need to turn them a half turn before they will unlock? I made that mistake before, always take your time and don't rush through things :lol: . Another tip when removing a heatsink. If the heatsink is stuck to the processor by dried thermal paste, do not try to use force to separate them. Instaid, gently twist the heatsink back and forth and it will slowly loosen the heatsink from the processor. Or unlock the processor socket before removing the heatsink so the processor comes off with the heatsink so you don't bend any pins.
  15. true, but if your only using the computer for things that will never require anymore than 3 or 4gb, its better to just have 4gb of faster ram. Getting faster ram than DDR2 800 (or 1066 now a days) is usually a lot more expensive and you don't notice a performance increase over slower ram. Especially on Intel boards because the fsb is usually bottlenecking the ram. My suggestion is DDR2 800 or 1066 (if your motherboard supports it) of 4GB of ram. You can always upgrade later to 8GB of ram and it will be even cheaper then.
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