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Fire Cape :O!------Dîé? løl


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I died :( Messed up prayer switch got ranged 73 had one breew dose left so I didn't bother healing then messed up prayer again and 25ed :( gf Jad




Hi I'm going for a fire cape after getting my barrows gloves yesterday and was just looking for advice on my invy/gear.








Does that look good to you guys? Going to whip the first couple waves and then range the 180s from a safe spot. Also I need help with sounds! I can't find any Jad attack sounds :S if you could point me to a yt vid or something of them it would be really really appreciated :)


Diamond bolts are for Jad btw.

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You already started? :|




Well if it still helps you I would recomend dropping the whip and adding a sara brew. Upgrade to the accumulator. Get a archer ring, if you don't want to buy one then a explorer ring (for the prayer) or ring of recoil works just as well.




Couldn't be more perfect though.

Does it really matter whether I was right? #-o
This is Tipit. There is nothing more important than being right.

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