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F2p crafting methods and xp rates


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I have level 72 crafting in f2p. It is my lowest skill by far. I want to go up to level 90 as fast as I can while spending about 30 million ( I could stretch to more but I hope that wont be necessary cos I need big bones too). So what should I do?


I do not consider high alching a waste of money so I would not include the price of nats in the money.




Thanks in advance

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This is what I did. I brought silver ore and made holy symbols, losing 30k gp per 50k crafting xp. Because nobody wants holy symbols (but the lvl 50s don't know that) go to world 1 and trade the symbols for a bank sale. Like a heap of runes and armours and stuff just stuff you can sell on G/E easily. I only got lucky with it but I'm sure theres better ways. Definately in p2p.




99 Strength Achieved 26/9/08. L0L in 3 years I've made 7m. In the past 2 days I've made 7.2m on top of that thanks to Bounty Hunter. So why play for 3 years when you can do that?

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if you dont make many Holy Symbols, you could get them enchanted byt the guy at the Monastery. Holy Symbols should sell instantly, thus making you lose less profit. The downside is it requires quite a long run for just 28 per inventory.

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Yes I like that idea! I do watch the prices carefully and have already considered this but I think 66 mill as a rough guess may be a little too much considering I also need to raise smithing from 94 - 99 which will also cost about the same. I may just have to rethink my entire strategy

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