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Bored and wondering what to do


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well as i have finally compleated all quest(about a month ago) i find myself without anything to do. i have about 16-17m at my disposale and i figure it is time to start having fun. so i am asking what to do here are somethings you should know first.








mid-low 80' for all combat stats


70 prayer 71 summoning


86 cooking


60+ all stats(most are just over 60 or at 60 if i dont specify)


fletching is in the 70's


76 fishing


80 wc


114 combat




stuff i am thinking i might do but idk


spend tons of money on a 99 or close to one(16m cash if you didnt read)


spend tons on just fun crap(stuck atm as the stupid [wagon] manipulators are locking all the fun stuff)


go for 99 wc(idk how i would do but i would probably cut yews)






so please give me ideas of what to do and how to do it PLEASe i beg of you i am teatering on only playing whent her are updates i need help....

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fight stuff and get clue/get summoning up


i was actualy getting clues from daggs recently but even w/ something better for clues i can go on streaks of 2-4 hours without one and that throws me out of the groove. and i want to get summoning up through waterfiends but the ss are all locked atm

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Just do what you enjoy. Like range/slayer/rc.

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Minigames. Especially the PvP ones.




try and get gold castlewars armor


hmm i have never been partial to castle wars...my bh career is basicly over till 125+ combat because i am limited to the high crater.




i dont know i would really like it if i could get a sara sword to get my slayer up. i would like 79 summoning.




any more help is greatly apriciated

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well what i say by i want to have fun now is that before i would have fun if it didnt hurt my finances to much. now i just want to have fun...still atm trying to get a ss and arma helm for waterfiends.




i still need more help :pray:

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You enjoy ranged? You could do a bit of that. Sometimes I find it fun to just mess around. I mean you could get a skills cape but I don't think that qualifies as 'fun.' You could potentially buy good melee armor and slay. I don't know...

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