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Ixindor's Quest *NEW* Star Chasers CC Added. Info Inside!

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Daily Tracker:






[hide=Individual Skill Trackers]Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Ixindor.png[/hide]




[hide=Personal Goals Vs. All Maxed Goals]Personal Goals Vs. All Maxed Goals:


Ixindor.png Vs. Ixindor.png




Ixindor.png Vs. Ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Vs. Ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


Ixindor.png Vs. Ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png


ixindor.png Vs. ixindor.png[/hide]




[hide=My Stats]Ixindor.png






[hide=My Clan]dragonkin.gif






[hide=Personal Pics]Finally got to the Half Way point for a 99...






93 Attack!






Personal Best...






Finished my 100th Task...






And Slayer Points so far...






68 Summoning...












While Guthix Sleeps






Good Old Anti-Fires...










[hide=*NEW* Star Chasers Clan Chat]Chat Name: Star Chasers (SC)




Chat Entry Name: Ixindor




Primary Use: To gather enough players for chasing down Stars all over the Worlds. I'm setting up this Clan Chat for use in finding and mining Stars all day. This is for players that love to Mine, but anyone may join to chat as well.




Additional Comments: Well, at first, I will be the only one with Kick rights. If some Mods begin to be a prominent players on the CC, they will get Kick rights too. Also, anyone who shows good CC morals and values may be promoted to having Kick rights. The only real rule is to be honest when you spot a star. Please indicate its size and location using the Call Codes (see below). Any dishonesty will give anyone with Kick rights, the power to Kick you out of the CC. Permanent banning may be possible. Any issues regarding Kicks or any other fighting will be dealt with by me. You may discuss when a Star is going to land, but do not call out its location until it has landed. Speculation is fine, but don't tell people it is in a location when it has not landed yet. That may make people mad if they travel to the area and switch worlds only to find that you were wrong and its now somewhere else. Anyone who has the highest upgraded Telescopes will also get special promotions to indicate to others players that your times are the most accurate (within 2 minutes). You must invite me to your house so that I may verify that you do have the Mahogany Telescope. Any Mod that confirms it will be taken into account, until someone proves them wrong.




The advantages of all of this is very fast Mining EXP plus the rewards on a daily basis. If you think about it, there are enough worlds to have a star within a few minutes of logging in. Please post or PM me here or ingame. Once I verify your level or telescope, you will be added to the ranks. This CC is open to ALL players. No rank is required to get in. People with ranks will help you to be able to figure out what their positions are (CC Mods, Mahogany Telescopes, etc). Please note that you do NOT have to leave a Clan to be in this CC. Your Ranks are honorary. Any Clan that requires you to stay true should not worry as this is not a full Clan. We will just be using the CC Feature to our mutual advantage.[/hide]




[hide=The Ranks]General (Gold Star) - These are the enforcers. Any Mods and/or players earning the right to Kick will have this rank.


Captain (Silver Star) - These are anyone with Mahogany Telescopes (84 Construction). Any Captain's Time should be taken seriously as they are accurate up to 2 minutes.


Lieutenant (Bronze Star) - Anyone with 90 Mining


Sergeant (3 Stripes) - Anyone with 80 Mining


Corporal (2 Stripes) - Anyone with 70 Mining


Recruit (1 Stripe) - Anyone with 60 Mining[/hide]




[hide=Landing Sites]NOTE: UPDATED 11/12/2008




Kingdom of Asgarnia




-Mine west of Falador


-Rimmington mine


-Crafting Guild mine


-Northeast of the Mining Guild, Southeast of Falador East Bank




Kingdom of Misthalin




-Southeast Varrock mine


-Southwest Varrock mine


-East Lumbridge Swamp mine


-West Lumbridge Swamp mine


-South of Varrock east Bank, just northeast of the magic shop.




Kingdom of Kandarin




-Outside Yanille Bank


-Khazard mine, north of Yanille


-Coal Trucks


-At the mine just northeast of East Ardougne


-At the mine north of the Monastery. This is the one south of Ardougne, not the one near Edgeville.




Morytania or Mos LeHarmless




-Southeast of the bank on Mos LeHarmless, north of the docks


-Just outside Burgh de Rott bank


-Just outside Canifis bank




Karamja or Cranador




-Gold mine northwest of Brimhaven


-Just south of the mine outside Brimhaven Dungeon


-The mithril mine on the southwest of Cranador


-The gold mine on the northeast of Cranador, make sure you come from the north side of this


-The mine north of Shilo Village, northwest of the nature alter


-Gem mine in Shilo Village




Fremminik Lands and Lunar Isle




-The mine in the northeast of Relleka


-The mine outside the entrance to Keldagrim, just south of the Snowy hunter area


-Outside the mine on Jatizo


-South of the Bridge to the Rune rocks on Neitiznot


-Northeast of Lunar Isle, by the entrance to the rune essence mine


-The mine on Miscellania




Tirannwn, Picatoris or Gnome Stronghold




-In Lleyta, just south of where you teleport to


-Picatoris mine, just northeast of the fairy ring


-West of the Agility Training Area in the Gnome Stronghold, right by the north stairs to the bank




Kharidian Desert




-Just east of Nardah Bank


-Near the clay mine northwest of Uzer


-Gold mine northwest of the agility pyramid


-Just outside of Al Kharid Bank


-North of the Duel arena Hospital


-At the Quarry


-Al Kharid mine








-The mine with the hobgoblins, northwest of Bounty Hunter


-Rune rocks north of the lava maze


-Mine near the Zamorak wizard, north of edgeville


-Mine west of the Mage arena bank, by the Pirates Hideout


-Bounty Hunter Bank


-Just north of Mage arena bank


-Skeleton Mine northwest of Edgeville[/hide]




[hide=Call Codes]First text is the World


Second letters is the abbreviation of the Landing Field


Third letters is the abbreviation of the Landing Site


Fourth numbers is the Time using H (Hour) and M (Minute).




NOTE: Always call the shortest time.




Example: W103-ASG-FWM-1H15M


Translated: World 103, Asgarnia, Falador West Mine, 1 Hour/15 Minutes




NOTE: UPDATED 11/12/2008




ASG - Asgarnia




ASG-FWM - Falador West Mine


ASG-RM - Rimmington Mine


ASG-CG - Crafting Guild


ASG-MG - Mining Guild




MIS - Misthalin




MIS-EVM - East Varrock Mine


MIS-WVM - West Varrock Mine


MIS-ELM - East Lumbridge Mine (Swamp)


MIS-WLM - West Lumbridge Mine (Swamp)


MIS-VMS - Varrock Magic Shop




KAN - Kandarin




KAN-YB - Yanille Bank


KAN-KM - Khazard Mine


KAN-CT - Coal Trucks


KAN-LEG - Legend's Guild Mine


KAN-AM - Ardougne Monastery




MOR - Morytania or MOS - Mos LeHarmless




MOR-ROTT - Burgh de Rott Bank


MOR-CANI - Canifis Bank


MOS-BANK - Mos LeHarmless Bank




KAR - Karamja or CRN - Cranador




KAR-GOLD - Brimhaven Gold Mine


KAR-BD - Brimhaven Dungeon


KAR-NAT - Nature Alter


KAR-GEM - Shilo Gem Mine


CRN-MITH - Cranador Mithril Mine


CRN-GOLD - Cranador Gold Mine




FRM - Fremminik Lands or LUN - Lunar Isle




FRM-RLK - Relleka Mine


FRM-KELD - Keldagrim Mine (Outside entrance)


FRM-JAT - Jatizo Mine


FRM-NEZ - Neitiznot Mine


FRM-MISC - Miscellania Mine


LUN-REM - Rune Essence Mine




TIR - Tirannwn or PIC - Picatoris or GNO - Gnome Stronghold




TIR-CITY - Lleyta


PIC-RING - Picatoris Fairy Ring


GNO-AGI - Gnome Stronghold Agility Area






DES - Kharidian Desert




DES-NAR - Nardah Bank


DES-UZER - Uzer Mine


DES-AP - Agility Pyramid


DES-BANK - Al Kharid Bank


DES-DUEL - Duel Arena Hospital


DES-QUAR - Granite Quarry


DES-AK - Al Kharid Mine




WILD - Wilderness




WILD-HOB - Hobgoblins Mine


WILD-RUNE - Rune Mine


WILD-ZAM - Mine near Zamorak Wizard


WILD-PIR - Pirates Hideout Mine


WILD-BHB - Bounty Hunter Bank


WILD-BANK - Mage Arena Bank


WILD-SKEL - Skeleton Mine[/hide]




[hide=Star Map]NOTE: Out of Date - Still useful for visuals, although some that show are not Landing SitesWorldStarMap.gif[/hide]




[hide=*PIMPIN* World 60 Penguin Hunters!]60.png




I'd like to promote W60 Penguin Hunters CC. They have a really good batch of players that can help you find all the penguins in roughly 30 minutes to an hour. Please be sure to log into World 60, then use the Entry Name: Riods2525. You can be Kicked from the CC if you are not in their world. Happy Hunting![/hide]

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Opening up a new CC for hunting Stars. Please promote it so the CC will begin to fill up. You can post your Mining Level/Telescopes here or you can PM me here or ingame. Locations are written out and a Star Map has been added to further assist players looking for Landing Locations.








Happy Hunting! :thumbsup:

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STAR HUNTING R DA PHAIL. Gl with your goals though.

Retired High Leader of the Great Titans


DK: Dragon axe x55, Zerker x40, Warrior x44

GWD: Bandos hilt x2,Bandos plate x8,Bandos tassets x3, Bandos boots x 2, Armadyl helm x2, Armadyl hilt x1, Saradomin sword x3

Dragon drops: d chain x3, d left half x3, d legs x4, d skirt x2, d claws x6

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  • 1 month later...

Ixi's a noob.






Dragon Drops: 4 Skirts, 4 Meds (PKed one) , 2 Legs, 1 Chain (Dust Devils), 1 Lump, 1 Shard

Armadyl Drops (219.78m): 13 Chestplates, 13 Skirts, 7 Helms, 8 Hilts

Bandos Drops (10.58m): 2 Chestplates, 1 Tasset, 2 Hilts, 2 Boots

Zamorak Drops (157k): 2 Steam Battlestaves

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