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Wondering if i'm good enough to do Fight Caves?

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Hey all, I was going to attempt the Tzharr fight caves, and I was wondering if some pro's or veterans of the caves could tell me if my stats are sufficient to do it.




I have:


85 range


70 defence


75 hitpoints


70 mage


53 prayer




Can someone also tell me what kinds of potions I should bring, or if I should bring certain food, etc.




Any help would be greatly appreciated. :mrgreen:




P.S. Is it true that pures have done caves before? If so, I definitely should have a chance.

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Get at least 60 prayer, to make it easier. The rest is very good.




Well depends what method you will choose to go, guthans or range.




Tell me then i tell everything ;)


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I was planning on doing range, but Im kinda poor, so could I possibly do it with black d hide and karils bow?

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I think it really comes down to reaction and skill.




For example, with my stats I should EASILY have a firecape, yet I seem to miss a prayer every time, hence no firecape. yet there are people half my level with capes. Conclusion...I suck :( O well, skill cape works for me :)


Sykoknight - 1900 skill total - 132+ combat


Fighting High Scores from late 2001 - Ranked 1894

Prayer High Scores from March 2002 - Ranked 749

Ya, I've been around too long.

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