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  1. Mines 5.00, no other fees of any kind. I have a card I use for just RS autopay and it's never been over 5.00 a month on my statement.
  2. Some more KB picture locations. On the clanwars KB page there is a ranger hitting a 122 on another player. Stealing creation shows a 104. Temple trekking shows a 100. Fight caves shows a player hitting 209 on Jad.
  3. It definitely seems to mean strength levels will have more of an effect...+2-3 to your max hit per level more instead of waiting 4 levels to increase the max. What does this mean for Nomad and Corp now? 10k and 20k hp now? Tipit kinda got screwed with this update....there is a LOOOOOT of updating for the bestiary now.
  4. If damage output is multiplied as well, then this update does nothing besides making every strength point count and every damage more precise. Check out the Special attacks page in the KB. The dragon long picture is specing at 105. The whip is hitting 163 A player is bing hit 67 by an npc darklight hits a 38 D2h hitting a 149 Ivan fails a 66 Player being hit 100 by a steel dragon Looks like the HP system is just more precise now. Also, I think 990 will be the max exp since everything on average was raise by 10. Sharks now heal 200, and soem other food 220....2 bits to almost fully heal? Doubt it.
  5. Haha it's me! That was like an hour ago. You wouldn't duel me :(
  6. Since I am an older player, I have retained my stats and what little equipment I left over on RSC. For the TipIt community, I will open myself up to try to help others here. However, the following stipulations will apply: -I do not play often, though I try to log in at least once a day for a few minutes. -If you would like help with something, please message me in game. -When messaging me, Please mention HYT so that I know where you are from. -Do not ask for free stuff, ask for help. (Can you smith this for me? Can you help mine coal while I mine iron for armor?) My stats are as follows 97 Combat 80 magic (enchanting) 80 cooking 77 fishing 67 mining 61 woodcutting 59 theiving 58 firemaking 55 fletching 53 smithing 52 agility 48 crafting 35 herblaw The only Items I left myself on RSC was a single set of armor (full rune with drag axe). I have very little money, and no other items. If you would like help mining, please provide a pickaxe (which I will return, be it bronze or rune). All Quests finished except Watchtower and Legends. Finishing Watchtower kills access to the blue dragons, and you can't do Legends without finishing Watchtower. My stats aren't great, but they might be able to help a few of you out. Again, no freebies, but I will help and work along side you.
  7. It's great...it gives people a chance to see runescapes roots and how much the game has changed. It's also great seeing how many people are enjoying RSC...there is just something special about RSC that no game I have ever played has. It's amazing seeing people play it for the first time and really getting into the game. It gives people the chance to see why us older plays have always raved about how great RSC was. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but RSC to me will probably be the greatest game I have ever played. The graphics are horrible, but there is just something special about the game that makes it perfect. RSC is the sole reason I have retained membership over the last year or two. Even though I didn't play, I would log in every month or two just to make sure my account was active. Waste of money? Probably. But completely worth it to me.
  8. I think Hohto nailed it on the head. I tried to stay with rsc for a few months and everyone in it just started to disappear, so I followed the mass and jumped to rs2. RS2 however was a completely different game. RSC took a certain kind of player...it was many long grinding hours to get any skills up since exp came MUCH slower in RSC. It had no real graphics (people complain that rs2 is poor on graphics, but rsc was a whole different story...). The people that played, and I mean actually played and got up in levels, were people that really loved the challenge of rsc. This made RSC not as appealing to new players, and made it much smaller and more close knit, so many people knew each other, which created great teams and rivalries. I think that gave the RSC community a certain aspect that you really don't get with rs2. RS2 made training easier and improved graphics, which brought masses of new players, which killed the community of RSC. That along with many players quitting that didn't like RS2. Back in RSC, almost everyone knew the major players, be it the master smithers, the combat obsessed, or the top PKers. Now days the only way people know someone is by their ranks on the highscores.
  9. Haha, I knew you were in there, just didn't realize you were in the list I posted :-P good eye Here are some more high score shots which should be back from march 2002...just interesting to look at. The best part to me is the people on the right side of the images ranked 101+...the differences in their levels and exp verse rank 1. It's usually a 10x difference in exp. [hide] [/hide] And while looking I found myself again! :thumbsup: Ranked 749 in prayer. I believe I made it into the 400's at one point, but I can;t be sure. [hide] [/hide]
  10. Wow, great pictures FooK-A-Ji, definitely brings back some memories. I remember a lot of those real life pictures, though I never saw them lined up together like that. Me and a friend combined money once to just make it over the 65,535 mark and double pile money once for fun...but wow 12 piles back then was an insane amount of money. And I'm jealous of your 30 FPS mark :-( I just barely hovered around 5 FPS I'll add something for fun... Here is the fighting highscores from 2002 (March I believe)with Fook-A-Ji ranked. Here is the fighting highscores in 2001, but I have NO clue when (I'd assume October-December area) The link is in my sig, but I know most people are very cautious about links. It goes to a website that stores and displays old web archives from years past of sites, such as Jagex. You can view a lot of the old webpage for Jagex and runescape, as well as a lot of the old highscores and such.
  11. Mid Febuary of 01 is when I started playing, and I still play the same account to date. The link in my sig is the closest proof I have of it showing 59 Hp in march of 02. Anyone playing back in those days knows how insanely slow training was....before rune existed...heck some of it before even full mithril existed.
  12. Well aware, Just didn't really think about it before I posted. It has been quite some time since those days. I had my fair share of PKing (pretty much daily), and the Pheonix crossbow was the way to go. I am definitely on board with the cape idea. It may not be something I wear daily, but I would definitely cherish it. I have played this game longer then 99% of the people here, so it is nice to remember back sometimes. I would honestly be happy even if it didn't have an emote, just a special cape to honor the players that helped runescape become what it is today would be nice.
  13. I've been around quite a while, so I for one am definitely supporting this idea. I do agree though, that transforming into a RSC 2D avatar in RS2 would look a bit out of place, and honestly, give the maturity of a lot of the community, I think that would turn into a lot of "bug reports" for jagex. I like the cape idea, I think that if you WANT to reminisce about the good ole days, then putting on a cape is not a huge hassle. I also think the idea I have read and liked best so far is Mercifull's idea of sitting down and a bubble appearing above your head. Maybe rather then just an RSC player, a few different things appear, mayeb a player in melee gear, then a player in range gear, then a player in mage gear? Show each of the 3 classes as it was back then (though it wasn't really 3 separate classes). Maybe each of the 3 characters shows for 1 second, for a total of 3 seconds. Just trying to elaborate on an idea that I like. I don't agree with the Phat avatars though. They were just as rare in parts of RSC as they are now.
  14. I'm not 100% sure on all the answers, but some I can answer. The tools depends on the tool your trying to make. For example, the hatchet uses smithing to make, but the harpoon does not (not sure what it needs). I am 82 fishing and 84 smithing, so I can obtain and make level 5 items. But there are things that I cannot make because my other skills are not high enough. I can make a level 5 hatchet because of my smithing, but I can not make a level 5 harpoon. The Robes and staff I am not sure of. The smithing bonus was mentioned earlier in the thread (a page or two back maybe) and seemed to be pretty reasonable at I eblieve around 48% increased smithing exp. I'm not sure whather it was the volatile or morphic tool though.
  15. Yes, I feel that is the main thing that this minigame is lacking, experience. This honestly seems like it could be a GREAT new way to train skills up that can be tedious and boring. They just need to adjust the experience accordingly. For Example, Say at level 80 fishing you could get 50k fishing exp per hour (I have no clue, I don't measure my exp per hour, it's just a number). Since games are 20 minutes each, you could fit in just under 3 games an hour with the waiting period. Make the game so that you could only get 30k exp an hour (it doesn't need to be ultra fast exp). That comes out to a possible 10k fishing exp per game if your using a level 5 pool. I'm not sure how much clay can be gathered and all that stuff, but with some time and numbers, it's all easily calculable. If you could get a max of approximated 1k lvl 5 clay in a game, then each piece of clay should award you 10 fishing exp from a level 5 pool. Lower pools of course give lower exp (say 2xp per lvl 1, 4 exp per lvl 2, 6 exp per lvl 3, etc) It wouldn't be overpowering as it would still be slower exp, but it would be an alternative way to train a bit and really keep the game alive. You would almost never get your theoretical max (of say 1k clay) because you have to both find a level 5 pool, AND deal with the occasional PKers. Either that or make it possible to use points for experience awards toward skills used in the game. But I think the other way would be more interesting.
  16. I think it really comes down to reaction and skill. For example, with my stats I should EASILY have a firecape, yet I seem to miss a prayer every time, hence no firecape. yet there are people half my level with capes. Conclusion...I suck :( O well, skill cape works for me :)
  17. I personally range them. They are MUCH easier then I expected. Go buy some enchanted ruby bolts and your set, thats all I use.....well, combines with Karils' (the mage defence of Karils helps a LOT) Protect prayer against range and the mage defence from Karil's will keep you there for 4-5 drags easy. My mage is 90 and my range is 89 and I almost always get 5 drags a trip with karils and ruby bolts. My top trip is 9, but that was a freak accident where I happened to very rarely get hit once.
  18. The thing is a lot of pures end up fighting other pures, which usually have pretty low defence, so 40 attack is more then enough. I havent PKed in quite a while on my pure, so I'm not sure what the PKing scene is now days, but thats how it used to be, more often then not you ran into other pures.
  19. Well, I guess things have changed a bit lol. I toyed around on the forums a bit today and everyone seems to want to trade spirit shields and like 20 mill for a purple. But then I would be faced with the same situation trying to sell the spirit shield since they seem to not sell at all either since I guess they are overpriced on the GE. That and other people were trying to offer me masks, swearing that they had street values of 60+ mill (why would you trade that plus cash for a phat with a lower then face street value then?) So it looks like I may just be keeping my hats if they are this impossible to sell. O well, no loss. Are santas this hard to sell? The GE graphs seem to indicate that santas are actually traded on the GE....at least I'm hoping? Tho I'll wait till closer to Christmas to sell some of them if I do. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  20. Well I've had my hats since the drop, so they were never "investments" to me. I said I would never sell them, but I'm giving in because I need money and I don't feel like working for hours for it lol. I'm not selling all of them, probably just one. So how should I go about selling it? People mentioned "street value", but what is it for say a purple or green phat and how could I sell if for that amount on say w2? As I mentioned, I'm way out of the loop on the economy in RS, so I'm still trying to figure things out. Like third age for example....A lot of the posts on the RSOF say "buying purple phat, must include 3rd age kite"....or people are selling a phat with 3rd age. What exactly does that due to the value of the trade? I have no clue how much the "street value" of third age or phats are atm, and I haven't really been able to find out. If anyone could break it down into some number maybe? I like numbers :) Sorry for the stupid question, I'm just waaay out of the loop on what the values of stuff is now days. I love the GE for lower priced items, but I think it has made havoc with higher priced things. Thank you again for all your help so far.
  21. So I haven't really "played" RS in a couple of years aside from logging on once or twice a month or mess around a bit and talk with friends. Lately I have found myself starting to play a bit more again, and wanting more money then I have. So upon looking at the crashing Phat prices on the GE, I figured, why not unload one of my hats and I'll have some money to play around with. I've had my purple phat on the exchange at the lowest price for 3 days now with no sale. So I decide to look on the RSOF to see what it looks like on there and I see everyone buying and selling phats with 3rd age items and holy elixirs? Anyone care to explain to me how and why people insist on trading hats with 3rd age items included? I know it has to do with the trade value and all, but I've been out of the RS economy for so long that I have no clue what is going on and I haven't been able to find an answer. Any answers would be much appreciated.
  22. The no eating I can see, but for it to work it would have to be a pre arranged fight where both people agreed to not eat. But even that leads to cheaters who will still eat. The no prayer however I disagree with. Prayer is reflected in your combat level for a reason. If you are level 120 with 80 prayer and you don't use it in a fight, you are essentially making yourself a 110. And unfortunately, this will never work. Even when two people agree on something, no one holds their word now days. I saw at least 10 fights the day the PVP worlds came out where two people were fighting, and it was taking a while because they were eating. Because of the time it was taking, they both agreed to fight until death, no running, so that the time spend on the fight was rewarded. Every time, the person ran to a safe spot before he died, every time. O ya, 184 or whatever number it was.
  23. It's funny, yet sad, how things change so quickly. You were one of the original legends or RS, but so few people today know who you are. And the same goes throughout the years with all the other top players who at one time were so well known. You referred to zezima as a legend, but how many new players now are there that have no clue who he is now? And it hasn't been that long since he was on top. Mention older names, such as yourself, and others, and virtually no one knows them anymore :( Regardless of who remember you though, I think you will always be one of the greatest legends in RS. Not because of your level accomplishments, but because of you willingness to help the community with valuable game information through Tipit.
  24. Wow! I was looking through some pages from the website that the original poster posted.... And what do I find? http://web.archive.org/web/20020108023133/ Rank 1894 - Sykoknight Hello me! That's from March 2002. I started playing in Feburary of 2001.
  25. Lily was the first to get 99 and it was well before the ectofungus was ever introduced into the game. She did it the old fashioned way of pure burying. The reason paul said that is that the exp of bones was significantly increased with RS2, making a lot less bones to reach 99. I want to say that dragon bones were almost doubled in exp, but I can't remember that far back. I do remember her being shocked when she buried her first bone on RS2 and realized with the increased exp that she had 99 prayer banked and didnt need to buy any more bones.
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