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Farming/Herblore help


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If you guys haven't noticed already, I need the levels for the Grandmaster Quest and I'm really stumped on how to to train as they are one of my lowest levels.




My herblore level is 57 and my farming is 56, need help to get them both to 65 without spending more than 3.5m (That's all I own). Is it possible, if so please share your methods.








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There are many good herb droppers on the game, taverly dungeon has the priests who drop them and the security stronghold has the flesh crawlers who are easy to kill and drop great herbs.




Farming seeds are easy to get, go to ardy up north towards the farm patch, many steal seeds and just drop them there=free seeds. Draynor is same.

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Plant Pineapple tree seeds and willows.




To cover the costs of these you plant Toadflax herb seeds and marigolds...




There you go fast, cheap and simple. (At least as fast as it will be.) It will take you a couple days with 1 tree run a day and about 3-4 herb runs a day. Don't forget to always use supercompost with your Herb seeds.






Herblore will lose you some money, but I would say super attacks or pray pots until 65. Simple as that. Then just use herbs to make up for the loss. or spend the time you have waiting for trees and herbs to grow to make trips to green dragons, which should make you back the money you lost on herblore.

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