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Why Doesn't My Post Number Increase?


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I'm sort of new, I havn't ever posted much but my profile says I've posted 13 times but I know I've posted more than this. It says I've posted 13 even after I've posted twice more that I know of for sure.




Also what does Chicken Feather mean compared to Rat Meat?




Thank you

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Chicken Feather and rat meat are just ranking based on the number of posts you have made. The more posts the better ranking. (Better ranking sounds cooler as well)




Some forums don't contribute to your posts total so that is why your total posts is lower than what you thought it would be.




Welcome to Tip.it forums by the way. ::'

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While Fanceh' ranks is cool and all, dont forget Quality over Quantity. meaning better to have constructive posts then simple 1 liners' (as shown in either Rants or Off-Topic) and welcome to TIF, aka Tip.It Forums. ::'


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