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Farming Advice?


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Start with allotments/hops. Use all available patches.








My advice: Plant things some 5-6 levels UNDER your level to minimize death (if you decide not to pay attention). It's not worth it paying a farmer for these things, only pretty much for trees/fruit trees. Also, when you get the required levels, do as many quests for farming xp (or quests with experience lamps) to maximize experience yields.



95/99 Summoning

95/99 Slayer


[hide=This is what you look like when you play RS too long]2vvq0z4.jpg[/hide]

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The amount of experience you get from Tears of Guthix depends on the amount of quest points you have because, the more quest points you have, the longer you can stay in the cave.


Full explanation:






The reward as stated on the RuneScape guide:


"When you exit the cave, you will drink the tears you have collected. These tears grant you experience in your weakest skill. Again, the more tears you collect, the bigger this reward will be. Please note the experience 'per tear' is based on how high your lowest level is. When your lowest skill reaches level 30, the experience 'per tear' will remain constant. "




If you have a fair amount of quest points this minigame will probably get you a few levels each time you try it.


The only problem is you can only do it once every week, so I'd suggest doing some normal farming besides Tears of Guthix.




Just plant a few crops here and there in the allotments, and in the meantime while they grow you could play VineSweeper.


On a busy world it's relatively easy experience.


VineSweeper guide:






If you take a little time for it I guess you could manage to get to 25 pretty fast.


My guide: Ring of Wealth explained


8 Dragon Boots (885 kills, 1/111, with RoW)



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If you've got the Explorer's Ring 3 from the Lumbridge Achievement diaries, you can use it to teleport to the cabbage patch just south of an allotment. I would recommend that you always have something growing there, and just in between whatever else you're doing teleport there and replant new crops every couple hours. This provides a nice, constant flow of experience, and accessing it is free and unlimited.




Although it seems like it should be slow, the first few levels of farming just fly by. Levels 1-35 can probably be attained in a few days or less, even to most casual players.



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The best way to start training farming is to do Fairy Tale Part 1. It has no farming requirement, and the experience you get will bring you high enough to start planting oak trees. From there, just plant your best trees and fruit trees in every patch, and your best herbs in every patch. You can also optionally plant allotments and flowers. Always use supercompost on everything you plant, with the exception of poison ivy bushes and any tree you're paying the farmer to watch. And don't make the newbie mistake of standing around to watch your crops grow.

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