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  1. Troacctid, a popular blogger on Tip.It who was previously thought to have either been abducted by aliens or eaten by wolves after her unexpected disappearance several years ago, was spotted alive and well this week at a local gaming store. "What? My blog? Oh, right, yeah, that's a thing that I used to do! So you're a fan, huh? HYT!" said Troacctid. "Yeah, I'm pretty much off of that game. But there were some good memories for sure." The former blogger denied having mysteriously vanished. "What are you talking about? I wasn't abducted by aliens. What kind of ridiculous story is that? Who even came up with that? I've just been doing other things, like studying accounting and playing tabletop RPGs," she said. "And no, I didn't change my name and identity to 'hide from the press.' I came out as trans, like, months ago? Don't you follow me on Twitter? And my eyes are up here, by the way." When asked if she would be returning to the blogging scene, Troacctid said, "I don't think so. Like I said, I don't really play that game anymore. Besides, I'm very busy! I'm running like half a dozen tables of D&D a week now. I suppose if there's demand for it, I could write up a quick update, maybe do an AMA in the comments if people want to know what I've been up to, but that's probably it." Troacctid can be reached on Twitter as @troacctid. You can also ask her anything in the comments.
  2. The books are not canon in the slightest when it comes to the game lore, so any crimes or violence they commit there cannot be taken as indicative of what the organisation is within the game. The books are canon. Several in-game sources verify it. The Black Knights were the aggressors in the last war, and their previous leader, Sulla, was a ruthless, violent, cartoonishly villainous psychopath. The Black Knights are also slavers. They totally use slave labor. That's not something T.S. Church came up with, either, it's straight from in-game lore. You gonna defend that too? How many evil deeds have the White Knights committed in canon? I'll give you a hint, it's none, because they're the good guys.
  3. The White Knights are legitimately good guys who have protected Falador in war and peacetime alike. The only "evil" white knight we've met was a traitor who was feeding information to the Black Knights. It's the Temple Knights who work in shades of grey, and honestly, we've still only ever seen them go after evil targets. The Black Knights have historically been a pretty evil organization. The only reason they're remotely sympathetic in the Sixth Age is because of Lord Daquarius and his sensible, moderate reforms, and he still has to struggle to keep the extremists under control. Just because the evil faction says "But they're just as bad as us! Worse, even!" doesn't mean it's true. Of course they're going to say that, they couldn't justify being evil if they didn't believe everyone else is just as bad.
  4. We should call it RunScape, since banks and teleports are both nerfed.
  5. Good. About time they came to their senses about that. Are they adding the Ethereal and Shark outfits back to the wheel as well?
  6. Also you get two stamps for free by talking to the ninja master, so you can skip that one if you need to.
  7. Well, if the lore books are miniquests, then okay, sure. Livid Farm is clearly in the minigame/D&D/activity category. It's not a quest and it's not a miniquest. It makes no sense for it to be part of the quest cape.
  8. It's a 100% drop from the confused barbarian.
  9. Most of the overrides are tradable, so you can get decent money by taking a minute out of your hour to kill Clawdia, assuming the things sell.
  10. Those vitality accessories are actually pretty damn cool-looking. That's because it's a two-handed crossbow.
  11. He regrets the OUTCOME. He regrets that it didn't WORK.
  12. Saradomin wants to use his power to protect people who are too weak to protect themselves. He believes his power gives him the responsibility to use it for the good of mankind. He chooses to use his gift to fight evil. Zamorak isn't interested in protecting anyone. All he's after is power, and he'll do anything to get it, even if it means destroying innocent lives. That's not even propaganda. Look at what he actually DOES in the storyline. He blows up Forinthry! He commits genocide against the dwarves! Etc. Basically, Saradomin is Superman and Zamorak is Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor loves to paint himself as the hero and Superman as the villain. Well, **** you, Luthor, if you want to be the hero, maybe try actually helping other people. And not just in imaginary storylines, either.
  13. That would actually be great. Stackability!
  14. I don't see the big deal, considering that you can easily buy them with loyalty points or in-game gp. It's not like they're discontinuing it after a week so that it's literally impossible to obtain, cough fury shark cough ethereal cough cough.
  15. Of course that's what it says. I don't see any other way you could reasonably interpret it. 60k xp a week if you've found every single scroll, though, that's still not very impressive. It's going to be less than Tears if Guthix, certainly less than Jack of Trades, probably comparable to, like, the Jade Vine, maybe. And Jade Vines aren't exactly a premium D&D.
  16. The game session is tracked even if you log out completely. It doesn't reset until you shut down the client an open a whole new instance.
  17. I don't know how people can go 6 hours without having to do something else in that time which takes longer than 5 continuous minutes.The game session timer runs while you're logged out. You can log in for a farming run in the morning, log out, put your computer in sleep mode, leave to go to school, and come back in the afternoon, and when you try to log in again, the game will tell you that your session has expired and you must reload the page.
  18. You can just bribe people to crack crackers on you if you're that hung up about it. Also I got all but the Catherby decorations out of my 50 free prawn balls, plus a golden cracker, so I would say I got a reasonable little head start from my 99 fishing.
  19. Aaaand guess what? Just like I predicted, they brought back the old model and didn't bother to fix the clipping issues. So, great. Now it will probably never be fixed and I'm going to be stuck with my character's tassels clipping through her breasts, like, forever. :thumbdown:
  20. It's hard for me to see this as a serious problem given that a. we're talking about stuff that's strictly cosmetic with no in-game benefit, and b. you can buy it all with in-game gp.
  21. I got 21k experience crafting the offhand orb with a fully upgraded workshop. This is in line with the information from the make-x menu (15k rc, 2.5k craft, plus 20% for the workshop bonus).
  22. I have no idea why everyone voted for the tassel option. One of the only things shown as advertised and people hate it.I would have been very upset if they'd removed the tassels. Tassels are the single most defining characteristic of the skillcape's visual design. No other cape has them. Then they went ahead and kept the tassels but made them no longer match the cape, which is...just...ugh. So now they're probably just going to bring back the old model, breast-clipping and all. Bloody Jagex.
  23. Not gonna lie. It was a little vindicating reading the update today and seeing a retraction and apology at the bottom.
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