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  1. At 18 voyages a day? No sweat. Aaaand I got both pieces in less than a week. Told you it was no sweat. I'm still waiting on a first piece. Share the luck plsOkay, here, you can borrow it, but give it back when you're done. I need that luck for my Meilyr potion recipes.
  2. At 18 voyages a day? No sweat. Aaaand I got both pieces in less than a week. Told you it was no sweat.
  3. Their data would show that X% of players are willing to spend money, and of those players, Y% would be willing to spend money to quick-level their skills. X% * Y% then gives you the approximate percentage of the overall player base that would pay to quick-level their skills. Voila. Statistics.
  4. I am still a little bitter about not being able to unlock the overrides from the first world event with the divine shards from the second world event.
  5. I make the majority of my money farming herbs and doing ports. It's low-effort, no grinding whatsoever, and it's enough to easily pay for my membership in bonds, with money to spare.
  6. Also I didn't get that question because I said taht I don't want to buy anything related to runecoins in the future. The reason is that I am against these things, so yeah if you ask the people who might buy things like that if they want to buy them, and not ask the people totally against the idea itself you "might" get more results favouring your question... -.-Obviously if you are not going to buy anything from them, it would be a waste of everyone's time to then ask you whether you'd buy a specific thing. You already said no. They automatically mark you down as a "No." This is like market research surveys 101.
  7. It's a conscious decision they made starting with The World Wakes. Sixth Age quests are going to be available to lower level players who have not done the Fifth Age quests. They want everyone to be able to participate in the new story. The most important lore, namely the bits that form the whole premise of the quest, is the stuff from Missing, Presumed Death. Which is indeed a prerequisite for this quest.
  8. The new update seems to be bolstering the prices of Ports gear. Instasold Tetsu Body at 7850k and Leviathan Ring at 811k.
  9. My guess is that the largest amount of players are people that have been playing for quite a while or those that come back after a while. These two groups will pay anyway.They will also gradually drain away until the game dies. You can't rely on retention to the exclusion of acquisition if you want the game to thrive in the long term. You need new blood. This is the sort of move that will look great in their books for a year or two. Then in ten years the game will be dead.
  10. Given that leeching ruins the minigame for everyone, I think a lot more players have a stake in the issue than just the trimmers.
  11. It's not like it's going to degrade to dust or anything. It recharges in just a couple hours, even if you're not logged in. I rarely do combat for long stretches at a time, so when I am in combat, I just have Vampirism on all the time. No reason not to.
  12. What design goal is accomplished by forcing players to break for banking that isn't already accomplished by forcing players to switch clans when they get caught? Did they just forget that that's a thing that already happens? I mean, seriously, what?
  13. It's not that Zamorak is afraid of destruction. It's that he knows he would lose that kind of battle. Also, I bet he really hates the idea of doing exactly what Sliske expects him to do.
  14. Muspahs are 150. They're the best one I've found so far.
  15. It's been settled for years. Maples have never been better xp than willows. It's not remotely close, either, they're like a full 20% slower or something like that. I can only assume your friends have never chopped either tree, and drew their conclusion based solely on the respective xp values per log.
  16. Can't. Spirit weed is medicinal-only in California.
  17. Well you can have a little tiny snake demon that bites your nose. Sounds like an awesome pet. They're, um, highly venomous. Look, cut me some slack, I need to save my summoning points for the Jmods.
  18. Well you can have a little tiny snake demon that bites your nose.
  19. Don't worry, I posted on the thread warning Jagex that if they removed any of the tassels I would summon a giant snake demon to eat them in their sleep. It's not a bluff. I have 99 summoning IRL. They better watch out.
  20. You'll want to be making use of both vine herb patches as well.
  21. There are plenty of ways to gather raw cash without trading. Alchemy, monster drops, etc. Turning cash into shards is not so different from e.g. turning flax into bowstrings or hides into leather.
  22. This would've been great for ironman Eh, you can pickpocket Cadarn workers for bowstrings.
  23. Now they just need to make the aura wings into cosmetic overrides with no timer.
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