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Missing Monster Hunting Guides

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I think the site would greatly benefit if the monster hunting guide included all boss monsters, as far as I can tell it is only missing tormented demons and The Chaos Elemental.




The Chaos Elemental is quite easy and can be done single handedly with full black dragonhide and a crystal bow, to minimize loss in the event the player is swarmed with revenants. food used should be high level pies, such as summer pies (which are still inexpensive) this counteracts his ability to unequip your equipment, and the crystal bow helps to recover some of the disorientation of his teleport spell.




Tormented Demons can be solo'ed quite easily but fighting them 2 on 1 is considered the most effective way. Because Tormented demons use all methods of attack you must switch between prayers to protect yourself, they will perform an attack and repeat it 4-5 times, then switch and repeat. The demon will also pray against any attack used against it so, if soloing, it is necessary to use 2 styles of attack. This is also why it is most efficient to use 2 people. The Demons also have immensely high defence, making killing them similar to fighting broodoo victims. The best way to counteract this is to initiate the fight with the Darklight sword, which eliminates their overwhelming defence. The best equipment setups for a 2 person team are as follows.






neitiznot helm, bandos or torag armor, a godsword or whip and rune defender, darklight, fury, fire cape, dragopn boots, barrows gloves, berserker ring.




Ranger: Full Armadyl, Karils, black dhide, or void knight ranger with a rune crossbow and ruby+diamond (e) bolts. void knight gives a nice damage bonus but can occasionally be inaccurate. ALSO NOTE that the bestiary entry does NOT include the fact that they DO drop dragon armor shards and it has been confirmed. thanks for the endless help tip.it, if you need any help or have questions its easiest to contact me in-game, username : Leonheart900




~happy hunting

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I'm not really a crewbie, but I have a suggestion...if you don't see a guide you think would be a good addition, why not make one for the site? You could copy the format from the existing guides, take some screen shots and upload them to a free site, spend a little time writing a little more detail, and help everyone out by giving them something to work with in order to post.




If it's a correction you're trying to get implemented, this would be the place to do it, but there are tons of alternate player made guides out there. If you took some initiative for the site, they might reward you by placing those "missing" guides on the main monster hunting pages. It seems like you have some of the work done already, so with a little bit of formatting and re-working, you might get one on the site.




Just a suggestion, of course.

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If you want to write a guide, please do post in the Player Made Guides forum.




If there is a player made guide that you believe is thorough enough to be moved up to the website, by all means let us know so we can take a look!


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