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Range pking: Tank vs Range/2h *ANSWERED*


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I recently made a f2p (sorry I didn't say it was f2p ealier) ranger pker and i see two paths he could take: tanking and k'oing with range/2h. I would like two know to what skills to raise and how high for both cases. Also your view on which one is best. I don't really need nor want a guide on how to make them so you don't need to link to one. Thanks.

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It depends. If you're F2P, then you definitely have to go with range/2h KO'ing because KO'ing with range ONLY is highly unreliable.




If you're P2P, I'd go with Range tanks, as they are pretty much unstoppable at peak levels, and they have enough KO power on their own from various ranged weapons.




I could go into some more detail, but the food on the table is calling me =P~

[94/99 Ranged][87/99 HP][80/85 Def][70/70 Pray]

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tank's are great in f2p too. just costs a little more i believe. i've got one and stats are:




range 77


hp 66


prayer 43 maxed (thought no prayer would be alright but the extra boost is awesome)


mage 34 (getting it up so i can do binds more accurately and do fireblast)


def 40 maxed




best probably to keep range higher then mage though. i do have a thing to think about though.. defence might not be the best thing to lvl. once you get prayer and your range up youll still be low cb, and youll be hitting high and have the protection prayers to back you up. wearing monk in the situation of 1 def rules as ive been pked by alot of them (cb 62 ranger/prayer beat my 69 tank)




this is good path to take also cause you might decide to actually put it in p2p later on. cant go back and undo range/2h




hopefully this helped

xturtx - range tank:


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Do not get any prayer until you're range or strength levels are into the high 80's. Leave def at 1 until the same levels.




Once you get either, you enter the realm of most other pures at those levels. Be unique with 1 def, 1 prayer - all prayer will do is allow you to protect your R2H, or add some attack bonuses - but with the downside of adding combat levels.




Combat levels are a pures nightmare - dont get unnecessary levels.

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