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Gigajie2's 99 Range Goal

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My Party Will Take Place Estimatedly Around End Of Apr.


ive planned:


99 range at my house


get cape


clan wars!!!! FTW!!!!!!!




Big Happenings!




[hide=dfs =D]2cx8gw5.jpg[/hide]






i started at 82 and i am now 87. im doing it at aviensies which takes a whole crap longer but:


a: doesnt lose money


b: makes money!


i didnt have enough money to go chinning so i just kinda decided to go for it.






calculated money at the end: 85m if everything goes well.




kills to go: 25.2 min; 29.6k max (the health of the avies range from 69 to 81 so the exact number can not be found.)






what am i going to buy: full bandos; dfs; bgs; robin hood hat; ranger boots; dark bow; fury; berserker ring and anything else that tickles my fancy for which i still have enough money.




ill be taking few breaks in between which will be marked by certain things i buy.




first break:


in this break i will finish a clue scroll (might get an extra mil or two from this =P), and do fremminik isles for the helm of neitzot. get 52 summoning (included getting the charms)


bandos tassets (bought)20ggt40.jpg; dfs (bought) 2a6kute.jpg




second break:


get some def (idk till what lvl but ill just get some def)


bandos plate




third break:


not decided


bgs; (if enough money) the other stuff on my list








[hide=My Aviansie Outfit]2vslrfp.jpg[/hide]




if you have any suggestions for what to do in the breaks, just say them.




ill keep this updated






for any questions just pm me in game, pm me here, or just post on this blog.






[hide=83 range]5o5935.jpg[/hide]


[hide=84 range]28ahj0j.jpg[/hide]


[hide=85 range]i57h93.jpg[/hide]


[hide=86 range]33cw0lt.jpg[/hide]


[hide=87 range]11ky1ec.jpg[/hide]


[hide=88 range]qxut0w.jpg[/hide]


[hide=89 range]34qtn43.jpg[/hide]

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Make sure That your Party Is F2P To \'




go Shoot some Thingies And get up lots of experience.


65 67 65 68 60 91 59 64


82 89 84 93 83 83 82 71



If U click this I won't eat your brain! I Plomise



angel2w.gifThank you Hawkxs For the awesome siggy!

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ill make it f2p. while i get cape though...you f2p guys will have to wait. and im gonna get 99 in my house so yea. ull have to wait for taht. ill amke an f2p time and a p2p time for meeting. what time is the best time to make the party going by greenwich (prime meridian/no time difference)?

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Love your blog. Range is such a good 99 to get. For a break do a bit of PC that always fun and takes my mind away.Otherwise I find barrows are good if a little adrenaline fueled. Good luck with DFS one of the best items in the game imo. Much prefered to spirit shields. What equipment do you use cause you have a pretty awesome looking kill count.

Thanks to Kadad06 my cousin who got me hooked on this awesome game.

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